Just Ask Sooz

Dear Sooz:

I have a problem. I am an 18 year old girl who constantly thinks about sex. I feel like a crazed animal Sooz, I think about it, masturbate constantly, and have even gone out of my way to receive it.

This has affected my thinking and I feel like a freak. I realize that being a teenager, my hormones are raging, but they are going overboard. All I want to do is screw anything in pants.

This may sound funny to some, but to me, it has become a problem. What can I do to help ease these feelings of need?

Sally Sexpot


Dear Sally:

I wish I could say presto and it would all go away but I can’t. You see, I myself feel now, and have felt as you for years. In MY case, it is called hyper-sexuality.

For you, I would advise seeing your Dr. and have either him or her advise you. It COULD be different things causing this problem. While it IS normal to have increased feelings of sexuality in your teenage years, it should NOT affect your thinking process.

Please see your Dr. as soon as possible to advise you regarding this condition. I wish you much luck, as for ME, nothing has seemed to help. All the best.



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