Rotten Tomatoes Score—WHAT??

Before I go off ranting and raving like a complete lunatic out of Jekyll and Hyde, let me just apologize for not writing on a regular basis. School is keeping me pretty busy and I have not been able to write as often as I would like.

Quick note though, so far, I have all A’s and am enjoying my “LATE” experience in academia very much. This was probably the best thing I have ever done, even though it remains very trying at times.

I absolutely LOVE the campus and the people here are all very friendly. The course material is hard, but peaks my interest in a way that I could never imagine possible.

Usually, one of the only things I can enjoy in my spare time is going to the movies on the weekend. I have always been a huge movie Nerd and today I come to you with a rant that indulges my Nerdiness.

Last weekend, I wanted to go and see a movie. Like most everyone, I looked at my phone to get the reviews on the movies that were out. Well, after reading the reviews, my spirits dropped, as most all of them were booed by the critics.

I checked The Rotten Tomato scores and again, most were very poor. Dejected, I turned to the fan reviews, here, I saw a completely different story. The fans LOVED most of the movies out that I wanted to see.

I did a little research and found that The Rotten Tomato scores are derived from the CRITICS reviews…WHY??? Shouldn’t they be judged on the PEOPLES reviews of the movies?

Armed with the fan reviews, I ventured out to see The Accountant starring Ben Affleck. Well, guess what??? I LOVED the movie. Let me say that from NOW on, I will NOT be reading the critics reviews but the FAN reviews.

Let’s change the Rotten Tomato scores so they fall under the FANS jurisdiction. If we’re being honest, in MY opinion, this is the ONLY opinion that really counts. Let’s face it, ANYONE can write a BAD review, let’s have someone who actually is ENTERTAINED by the movies give us the “CORRECT” scores.

Thanks for listening; this is just MY two cents worth.



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