Just Ask Sooz

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Dear Sooz:

I could really use your thoughts. I have been married to my husband for 38 years and everything was good up till last year. You see, for years we both enjoyed a wonderful sex life.

Last year, our sex life became nil, for no rhyme or reason. I discussed it with my husband ad he claims; recently, he has just become too tired for sex. This is very unusual Sooz as he has always enjoyed a very healthy sex life.

He owns his own business and occasionally works late, but recently, he has been working every night. He claims that he has done inventory and has needed to spend time there.

I am worried that he is having an affair, what do you think?

Worried Nellie


Dear Worried Nellie:

If you feel that strongly about him cheating on you, hire a private investigator. In MY opinion, his working late and not being a spring chicken anymore, he probably IS tired and need to sleep.

Give him the benefit of the doubt, unless you actually find out that he is REALLY cheating. If he IS cheating, dump that bastard and take him for everything he is worth.

Good luck to you.



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