Sometimes ya Just Need to Talk to Yourself


Before we start out, let me just point out for all you grammar nerds out there, I realize I should have put in You instead of ya in the title. This, however, is NOT what I wanted so Ooooooh.

How many of you out there talk to YOURSELF? HELLOOOO!!!! Is anybody out there??? Let me just say this, I KNOW who you are, and if I am being honest, I ALSO will admit talking to myself.

Does that make you CRAZY, maybe, but in many instances I believe it helps  focus the mind. If I am trying to figure something out as an example, you will always find me in my kitchen talking vigorously to myself about what I should do.

Several times I have come up with a solution by doing this. Now, does that make me crazy, well, I guess that is really a matter of opinion. I mean it’s not like I talk to an imaginary friend, I am talking to a bright, well liked person who can help…ME!!!

If you say you DON’T talk to yourself on occasion, then you ARE crazy. That’s Sooz’s philosophy anyway. “There Dr. Freud, I said it out loud”. Now you can go and write me up in your medical journal of crazy behaviors.

I could go on an on about this subject, but right now, I have to have a little talk with myself about something.

Until Later…


3 thoughts on “Sometimes ya Just Need to Talk to Yourself

  1. Heehee ! That’s one thing I never do, I never talk to myself, BUT in making this comment I am talking into a microphone and the words come up on my screen. My cats think that I am talking to them and are leaping all over me and my new laptop. I am sorry that I did not comment on your last few posts Sooz as I have been using a psychotic tablet while my old laptop went away for repair. In the end they couldn’t fix the laptop so I had to buy a new one which has taken me ages to set up the way I want it to work for me.
    I hope you have a great week my friend. Don’t talk to yourself too much as you won’t be able to hear yourself think. lol 🙂 ❤


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