New Year’s Resolutions Reviewed

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Since New Year’s is coming soon, I thought I would review some of the most common resolutions so we could ALL get a clear prospective of what they’re   about. Hopefully, you will read my suggestions and take them for what they are worth…A complete load of ?@@(*^%!…

Losing Weight—This is one of the more popular resolutions along with joining a Gym, and becoming more health conscious. While these are ALL great to SAY you are going to do, each has only a 3% chance of being followed trough. Usually, the unfit STAY unfit because, well, let’s FACE it, it’s TOO much like WORK. Who the HELL wants to eat a donut and then have to work out for 6 hrs., trying to undo the calories it only took 5 minutes or less to eat? MY SUGGESTION:—Eat the Donut and to HELL with the workout, love yourself as you ARE and move on.

Quitting Smoking—I never got addicted so…Don’t care. If ya got ‘em, smoke ‘em, if ya wanna quit, patch up, and chew your way to being smoke free. P.S. if you DO decide to quit, please be PREPARED to gain at least 10-25 Lbs., and then NEXT January, use the above as your resolution.

Quit Drinking—-This is one that I would resolve to do EVERY New Year’s Eve. My “Good Intentions” usually only lasted until the day AFTER New Year’s. Sadly, I NEVER seemed to manage this one year after year. Hopefully, if this is YOUR intention, I wish you much luck and success. Cheers, I mean I’m WITH you on this one.

Lastly, Let me address All New Year’s resolutions, they are ALL MEANT as a good thing, the only PROBLEM is, we are Human Beings and as such, we are flawed.  DON’T beat yourselves up if you fall short, just do the best you can.

Remember, there is always NEXT YEAR!!!!!

Happy New Year Everyone…





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