From the Desk of Sooz


Hi there everyone, today I would like to explain myself. Yup, that’s right, you deserve an explanation of WHY I write the way I do…I CHOOSE to write what many consider senseless drivel.

While it is true, I don’t speak out on what’s happening in North Korea, or comment on many of the world’s major problems, it is my CHOICE NOT to write about such matters.

I leave this to the “experts” who get PAID to do this, AND, then SPIN it the way they want our people to believe it. So YES, if I write about trivial things, or sexy things, I am doing so because THIS is what I WANT to write about.

Does it mean that I am any less unformed, NO, I DO know what’s going on, I merely try and stay (For the MOST part), on a positive vein. If you would prefer me to stop writing the kind of drivel I usually write, TELL me and I will gladly stop writing here and go somewhere ELSE where I feel that what I write is considered artistic and creative.

It is a shame that the FEW jeopardize the many. This is MY two cents worth. Good day. As far as the pic is concerned, Oh well…Sue Me!!!



One thought on “From the Desk of Sooz

  1. Drivel away my dear, I love your writing and hell yes, I leave politics and religion as far as fucking possible from my blog but same as you, I’m keeping in touch so we are not as stupid as people might think 😆


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