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Dear Sooz:

I have an unusual problem to deal with. I am a 24 year old Navy wife whose husband is currently deployed. My next door neighbor is a 30 something man whose wife is in the Army, and also deployed.

Here is the problem, from a good natured thought, I decided to invite him over for dinner one night. We ate dinner, discussed our spouses, and then things went haywire.

We were sitting with a bottle of wine or two, just talking, when he began to get “frisky”. I must admit, I was loaded and didn’t really know what I was doing, and eventually we ended up going to bed together.

The next day, I was filled with remorse and guilt. Should I tell my husband about this, explain the circumstances and hope for the best, or should I keep my mouth shut and pray that the neighbor never talks and moves on?

Embarrassed Wife


Dear Embarrassed Wife:

While I am NO way a moral compass, if it was me, I would keep quiet and move on about your lives. Obviously this was alcohol fueled, and as such, a MISTAKE. Realize that you are only Human, but understand your mistake and own it.

Nothing ever good comes from blabbing about your mistakes. Hopefully HE understands this also, if he does, everything should work itself out. Keep your pie hole shut and things should be OK. “Just Don’t Do It Again!!!”


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