Bank Robber Runs Naked Through Streets

Image result for cartoon bank robber-naked

A bank Robber who robbed a Regent Bank in Ft. Lauderdale today was seen running down several blocks totally naked. A dye pack an employee stashed in the stolen money exploded, and the man quickly discarded his clothes as not to be mistaken for a Pink Smurf.

Several passers by exclaimed that, “There really wasn’t much to LOOK at”, as the man dropped 100 and 50 dollar bills out of his ass as he ran. After his capture, he was asked,” Why he did it”, he said, “ He thought it would be a funny way to start his comedy career.” Authorities agreed unfortunately, it will be…15-20 years from now.

The Take Away:

Just a thought from the peanut gallery, next time, use a getaway car. Hopefully, you are a DAMN FUNNY guy now that you are going to prison. You will NEED all the laughs you can get.


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