How Great Thou Art

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As I stare into skies of black,

And ponder the ocean blue,

I wonder if the Universe,

Thinks as though we do.


I wonder if we’ll ever learn,

The meaning of our lives,

That while we think, and yell, and boast,

How small we are in size.


We feel as if we’re special beings.

Placed on the Earth below,

Yet, in the Universe, vast and far,

What little do we know?


The heat of the sun, gives warmth to our souls,

The winds keep us cool and dry,

Yet what do WE give back to the world,

And should the question there arise, the best we can do is sigh.


Let peril not consume our hearts,

As the Earth remains to turn,

Instead, my friend, let’s give our thanks,

And acknowledge its concern.















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