The World According to Sooz

In this day and age, you would think that people would be MORE tolerant to sexual roles, race, and creed. Still, we all fight these terrible injustices, WHY???

Do we all not bleed with the stick of a knife, do we all not feel hurt feelings when called a racial remark, or accused of being less than a Human being if we are not all heterosexual?

Just yesterday, I was merely walking down the street with a girlfriend and someone shouted out lesbians. That, while the remark was ignorant, STILL it struck me to the core.

I thought, THAT person doesn’t KNOW me, he doesn’t know my life, WHAT gives him the right to slur me this way? The entire day sent me into a “fuzzy” zone and made me question the Human race.

While I understand that people are “brought up” to hate certain groups of people, I would have thought by NOW, people would have changed. After all, there are so many OTHER things to worry about these days, including the destruction of life as we KNOW it, so WHY the detrimental comments then?

Am I being too sensitive? I don’t think so. The truth is, I LOVE my fellow man, yes, even the misinformed primordial man from yesterday. In my heart of hearts, I wish that man as a species would GROW UP and become aware.

No more wars, shared food across the world, and the beneficial goal of HELPING live peacefully and happily for ALL nations. Medical care for all, and a shared love for each other regardless of our Creed, Color, or Sexual preferences.

Let us work together as enlightened beings to MAKE this end goal an accomplishment. In doing so, you will have shown YOUR strength in this difficult resolve. May we ALL as one people COME together towards this end.

Thank you for reading and listening to me. Bless you all…



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