Just Ask Sooz

Dear Sooz:

I have a question I would like you to answer. I have several grandchildren. When they come to visit me, besides playing games and making them breakfast, I also ask them to share in the responsibilities of cleaning up their own messes.

For example, after they eat, I ask them to take their plates to the sink and throw away their napkins in the trash. I don’t think this is such a big deal, but my daughter in law does.

She feels when I have them, they should be treated like royalty and do no work. Sooz, I have always taught my kids to be responsible even as children and believe that it is good for children to be taught responsibility. Am I wrong?

After all, if they did nothing, they would feel as if they had a sense of entitlement. I feel that I am doing the right thing, what do you think?

Frustrated Grandmother


Dear Frustrated Grandmother:

Personally, I couldn’t agree with you more. Children need rules, regulations, and need to be taught responsibility. As you say, without these, they can develop a sense of entitlement.

Again, I believe you are doing nothing wrong and hope that you will NOT be influenced by your daughter in law. Keep up the good work grandma—Kudos!!!








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