Thoughts on Auto Driven Cars

I must say, I have been excited about these ever since the concept was first being developed. Now, however, with the recent killing of an Arizona woman, it seems that the self-driving cars need to start back at the drawing board before being tested on the open road.

Uber has suspended their testing until the accident can be evaluated. My question, why was there even a road test in an environment where pedestrians were concerned? Shouldn’t these tests have been run and re-run on all different types of test tracks before being tested on the open road?

Have you ever noticed that companies tend to rush technology until AFTER something tragic happens? Oh, THEN, it’s: “Well, let’s change this or that now to make it safe.” Shouldn’t it have been made safe BEFORE someone is critically injured or dies?

Unfortunately, this doesn’t seem to be the way it works with big industry. Look at all the airplane, or car deaths that could have been avoided if the machines and or parts were just made and tested as SAFE in the first place.

It seems as if we will never learn. Time and time again this happens, don’t believe it, when do you think we get the recalls from the auto industry, before or AFTER something tragic happens.

Come on Big industry, pay attention to past mistakes and actually LEARN something from them. Personally, I am tired of seeing innocent people being injured or worse because of a faulty product. Wake up…





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