To Err is Human, to be Drunk, Divine

Those of you who read me regularly, already know that I am a Nymphomaniac, AND an alcoholic. Why do I keep repeating these two things, well, I want you to understand as a reader what makes me tick.

Ever since I was a wee child, I have always wanted to be a writer. I won’t tell you I’m a great writer, just a poor soul who enjoys writing and collaborating with my fellow man. Will I ever BE a great writer, probably not, but I will keep working at it until my dying day.

People have asked me why I don’t write a great fiction or mystery novel? I will tell you the same thing I told them, not interested. I would rather share my life stories, the good,  bad, and the ridiculous.

Throughout history, there have been many excellent alcoholic writers. Tennesse Williams, Dylan Thomas, F. Scott Fitzgerald and even Hemingway. On the women’s side, Dorothy Parker, Anne Sexton, Mary Karr, and Jacqueline Susann.

Why were they all under the influence when they wrote their great American novels? We may never know, as each of them had their own inner demons with whom they were dealing. If you asked ME why I’m a drunk, I would probably say, because I like the feeling that being in an altered state of reality gives me.

Anyway, back to writing, usually, when I write, I am drunk. Case in point, I am totally blitzed right now. Am I a bad person, or a slut, maybe, but in my defense, I have never KNOWLINGLY hurt anyone because of my alcoholism. When you’re a Nymphomaniac, the term slut just goes with the territory. I admit it, I AM a slut. It is a part of who I am.

When the alcohol kicks in, my sexual organs go into a frenzy like I was on cocaine. At that point, there is NO rhyme or reason, I NEED to get fucked. Actually, I could really use one right NOW.

So, let’s recap… I’m a drunk who loves to write, ALMOST as much as I like to get drunk and fuck. Who knows, maybe someday I’ll sit and write the great American novel, until then, I’m gonna have another drink and masturbate.

Until Later…






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