Just Ask Sooz

Dear Sooz:

I realize that Sunday is Father’s Day and I wanted to give a wonderful salute to all of those men who were good fathers. Believe me, not everyone was as lucky as you were.

I would have given my left kidney for a father who was kind, and compassionate. My father was a drunk. When he was drinking, he would become angry and violent. Many nights, while in bed, I would hear him drunkenly fight with, and strike my mother.

Then, the crying began with doors slamming and angry slurs filling the night. Many nights I prayed that he would leave and never come back.

When I was 10, my mom left him and took me to a shelter with her. The old man found us there, dragged my mom and I to the car, where he then proceeded to beat her senseless.

So you see Sooz, not everyone had the idyllic father daughter relationship. I was older when I finally trusted men enough to start dating. Those painful memories still haunt my dreams, and at times, cause me to have panic attacks.

So, to those men who were good fathers, and did the right things by their families, I salute you, and hope to Hell that no one has to be brought up in the family life that I endured for those many years.

I don’t really expect a reply, I just wanted to thank the fathers out there for the encouragement they have given to their children. Well Done.

Abused Child


Dear Abused Child:

You are so right, there are many children out there who have endured the same type of family life that you lived with. I am sorry for your pain, and I sincerely hope that living through such pain has made you a stronger, and more loving parent. God Bless You.



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