Are Men and Women Wired Differently?

The answer is YES!!! We have an abundance of estrogen, and men have testosterone. These are the two hormones that separate the way we think. Here are just a few differences:

1 Men think about sex, about all the time, women think more about security,

2 Men will have sex anytime, women ALSO enjoy sex, we just like to be appreciated first.

3 Men are rough and tumbley, women are soft and cuddly.

4 Men are definitely more aggressive, we would rather keep the peace, UNLESS someone wants to take OUR mate, then, we are like tigers.

5 In general, women are more organized. Many times we can accomplish 3 things all at the same time.

6 Women value communication, men use it when needed.


The Takeaway

If you want more sex, talk to us, respect us, make us feel like we are your one and only, and occasionally do the dishes for us without being asked. You know the saying, ”Happy Wife, Happy life”, it’s true.

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