Just Ask Sooz


Dear Sooz:

I am a 32 year old divorced woman with one child. My recent husband is older, he has a 16 year old son who has a problem.

The problem is, he has been hitting on me. When I’m at the pool in the backyard, he stares at me. Sometimes when I get out, he hands me a towel and asks if he could wipe me off. I have been repelling his advances chalking it up to adolescence.

I don’t want to hurt his feelings, but, I also don’t want to lead him on. Should I say something to him, or should I tell my husband and have him deal with this?

Being newly married, I don’t want to cause any problems between my husband and me. What do you suggest?


In a Pickle


Dear In a Pickle:

Definitely let your husband know what’s going on. As you say, it is probably an adolescent thing, but, it should be addressed and NOW, the sooner the better. I would let your husband take the lead on this one since it is HIS son.

16 year old males only have ONE thing on their brains…Women. Be kind, but don’t make any encouraging gestures. You should be fine, but have your husband talk with him soon to stop the teenager’s advances. Good luck…


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