Drunken Poetry-The Moon

the moon

I am absolutely hammered as I write this, so hopefully, it will still be good.

I am sitting on my back porch looking at the gorgeous moon, (or MOONS in my case), and inspiration hit me, (more likely however, it’s the vodka).

Bear with me as I write this poem about the moon. If this is no good, please just disregard and move on to someone who is sober…Here goes…

The Moon

Oh vast domain of space, filled with Nature’s glory,

Be thou luminesced by thy orange-ish sphere.
Merely a circling particle of thy Mother’s domain,

Or, a miracle from the Infinite, encircling us in everlasting rotation.

One’s rays through the ages stimulates love’s bond between us mere mortals,

And, through its divine presence, brings a quiet and peaceful glow upon man’s world.

Yea, though changing form through its cycle, once, every thirty days it dazzles us with light’s brilliance.

We hold you to be in our lives, and we await the fullness of your glory.

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