I See Dead People

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What I am about to tell is weird, if you are frightened by the “other” world, leave now and don’t finish this blog. The other night, while alone and about midnight, I had the strangest phenomenon happen.

I was sitting in my family room watching something on TV when the light I have by the TV stand blew out. Now, usually this would have been no big deal, but, when I got off the sofa, the TV ALSO went dark.

I KNOW what you’re thinking; she was drunk and was just imagining all of this. Well, I WAS drunk, but, as I sit here before all of you, this REALLY happened. I got up to check the fuse and everything there was good.

When I got back to the family room, I looked out at the night sky through my window, and here I saw the figure of my deceased mother motioning me to come out the window WITH her.

My heart was racing about 200 beats per minute at this point, and I looked again just to see if I was imagining all of this. Again, I looked out the big picture window and saw a ghostly figure of my mother smiling at me, and motioning me to come out and go with her.

I was so scared; I closed the curtains and went to bed. I fell into a deep sleep until around 4 AM; until a noise from my family room woke me up. Slowly, going to the family room, with a bat in hand, I noticed that the TV which was off was now back on.

I turned it off and went back to bed. In the morning, hung over but still a little shaken, I ventured into my family room and looked out the picture window. Nothing but a beautiful landscape awaited me. The lamp DID have a blown out bulb, but the TV was a strange coincidence.

I wondered what this meant. This event really shook me. Has anyone else had a paranormal event happen to them? If so, I would LOVE to hear about it. It might help chase the creepy feeling I have away.

Until Later…

A Touching Birthday Present


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Today, I received a very late Birthday present from a friend of mine I haven’t seen in 12 years. Years ago, when I was in school, we used to hang out, drink together, tell each other everything, and got in trouble often.

The years passed, I got my first job and she moved away to New England somewhere. At first, we used to write letters to each other, (Remember what letters are?), and of course the usual phone calls, but then we slowly drifted apart.

She became the manager of  a prestigious editing firm in Boston, and I was working on my goal to conquer the world by the time I was 30. As time drifted by, our once exuberant and playful friendship turned to a Christmas card once a year followed by nothing at all.

Then today, Federal Express knocks on my door with a package. My curiosity got the best of me since I wasn’t expecting anything and I immediately ripped open the package. Inside, was a beautiful portrait of her and I together when we were both drunk and kissing.

I remembered as I saw this, that another friend of ours, (Who was an art student), took a Polaroid of us, and caught us in the act. Turns out, she was the one who painted the picture from this snapshot. Julia, my friend in Boston, contacted her to paint this picture. OMG, the memories just flooded back, I was back in school again.

I was amazed at how good the likenesses were from just a snapshot. I found a card inside that read, “Never forget the good times, love, Jules.” Thank goodness there was a phone number inside, I grabbed the phone and on the third ring she picked up, “Hello”, she said, well, I started to cry as I heard her voice, and I said “Jules, that was the nicest present I ever got.”

We spoke for two hours and caught up just like it was 20 years ago. We said our farewells and swore that we would always keep in touch. I hung the picture in my bedroom so I could look at it each night and remember the good times on a daily basis.

Until Later…





Dear Diary


Dear Diary

Today is Monday, I was bored so I decided to go and see a movie. I saw The Equalizer, by My Man, Denzel Washington. I saw the first Equalizer and loved it, so, I decided how bad could the second one be?

Denzell was great as he helped several people, and the action scenes were intense. Usually, the first move made is the better of the two, but NOT so with this one. I actually liked the second one more.

Be warned though, it was VERY violent. Denzell is almost like a Superman defeating three or four bad guys at a time. It reminded me of a Rambo movie, action, action, action. I left the theatre satisfied and ready to take on the world.

Afterwards, I went home and started dinner, Vodka and cranberry, YUM!!! It’s about nine PM now and I must admit, I am quite out of it. My pussy is telling me to have a couple more “pops” and hit the bed for a little “feel and tickle.”

Ah…Right now I am love with the world, “come over and FEEL me sometime”… 😉

Love to all…Muah!!!







Once Upon a Time

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Once upon a time, on the outskirts of Las Vegas, there lived a lonely girl by the name of Shyanne. She had NO friends EXCEPT for her little doll named Anastasia. Her mother worried about her, but Shyanne seemed to be quite happy with just her doll.

They played together, drank tea at tea parties, played dress up, and at night, Shyanne would tuck her into bed, read her a story, and also sing her a lullaby or two. They were the best of friends.

One night, Shyanne was playing with her doll, and she made a wish upon a star. Back in those days, if you did it right, your wish would always come true. She closed her eyes as tight as she could, and with all of her heart, she wished that her dolly would become a REAL girl.

She kissed her, put her to bed, after following the normal routine, and went to sleep. The next morning, when Shyanne’s mother came to wake her, she screamed out loud. “Shyanne, she said, where did this girl in your bed come from?” Opening her sleepy eyes, Shyanne looked beside her to find a beautiful girl with long braids JUST like Anastasia.

“What’s your name, little girl, her mother asked?” “My name is Anastasia, said the little girl, and I became alive after Shyanne’s wish upon the stars.” The mother was flabbergasted, but Shyanne new the truth, her wish HAD been granted.

“She’s my friend mommy, I wished for my doll to become a REAL friend and she did, can we keep her?” The mother, still in shock, but believing in miracles, said sure, and from that day on, Shyanne had a real life friend to play with and share all her secrets. She was never lonely again.

So, if you want ANYTHING, just close your eyes REAL tight, believe with ALL your heart, and you will receive your wish. (Unless of course you wish that the IRS would STOP auditing you, ‘cause THAT ain’t gonna happen).

Until Later…




A Line From Sooz

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Hi everyone, Sooz here, it’s Friday night and I must have partied a little too much because I feel very sexy, my innards are hot and I must admit, I am very wet and ready for action.

I just called a friend of mine who is coming over to party with me. She loves to see me drunk and take advantage of me. I, on the other hand, Love to have drunk sex. Hey, it’s Friday night, and it’s TIME to party.

We’re going to watch Basic Instinct; it’s one of my favorites. I promised my girlfriend that she could interview me, and I would make sure I act like Sharon Stone and “slowly” cross my legs without wearing any underwear.

I am hoping that when she sees my pussy, that she will get so hot, she can’t resist me. What do ya think; do you think she will take me THEN, or, later? 20.00 bucks says that she will take me right after I show her my nice shaved garden.

Time will tell. I wanna say cheers everyone, have a great night, and an even better tomorrow, May you all get laid and be happy, I KNOW I will…

Until Later…