I See Dead People

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What I am about to tell is weird, if you are frightened by the “other” world, leave now and don’t finish this blog. The other night, while alone and about midnight, I had the strangest phenomenon happen.

I was sitting in my family room watching something on TV when the light I have by the TV stand blew out. Now, usually this would have been no big deal, but, when I got off the sofa, the TV ALSO went dark.

I KNOW what you’re thinking; she was drunk and was just imagining all of this. Well, I WAS drunk, but, as I sit here before all of you, this REALLY happened. I got up to check the fuse and everything there was good.

When I got back to the family room, I looked out at the night sky through my window, and here I saw the figure of my deceased mother motioning me to come out the window WITH her.

My heart was racing about 200 beats per minute at this point, and I looked again just to see if I was imagining all of this. Again, I looked out the big picture window and saw a ghostly figure of my mother smiling at me, and motioning me to come out and go with her.

I was so scared; I closed the curtains and went to bed. I fell into a deep sleep until around 4 AM; until a noise from my family room woke me up. Slowly, going to the family room, with a bat in hand, I noticed that the TV which was off was now back on.

I turned it off and went back to bed. In the morning, hung over but still a little shaken, I ventured into my family room and looked out the picture window. Nothing but a beautiful landscape awaited me. The lamp DID have a blown out bulb, but the TV was a strange coincidence.

I wondered what this meant. This event really shook me. Has anyone else had a paranormal event happen to them? If so, I would LOVE to hear about it. It might help chase the creepy feeling I have away.

Until Later…

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