Woman in Heat


Steamy hot, overloaded lust explodes throughout my body, drunk from today’s elixir of love, the clit is lit, and ready for some passion. How else can I say it, I am a woman in heat, and I need the gentle feel of my garden to release the rain.

Slowly I unbutton my blouse to expose the first stage of relief. My breasts heave as I feel the under cuff of my lust. I ache for my nipples to be squeezed, just right as they tingle with anticipation, and stir my garden’s juices.

My inner thighs need attention as I feel them with a soft easy touch. Stronger and stronger grows my desire and I am wet, VERY WET, and ready to enter the danger zone of lust.

My finger enters, and uplifts some wetness for my breasts. Spreading it on my tits make me go to another dimension as I smell, and feel the soft gooiness spread all around.

I am lost in lust now as I grab my cock dildo and slide it into my pleasure zone. I take my two fingers and slide it over my clit. Ummmmmm. Owwww. Now it’s time for the piece de resistance.

While the dildo is inside, I reach behind me and place my pinky finger in my anus. OMG!!! Almost as soon as it is in, I climax, and SQUIRT, over and over, feeling the contractions against my pinky. I am Nirvana…

When the pleasure is over, I pull out my toy, and my finger, and just wait in a state of Nirvana until I pass out. WOW!!!




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