Masturbation Monday

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For those of you who like to masturbate-GOOD. I myself do it between 4-6 times a day. For years, people bought into the fact that masturbation could make you go blind, ‘cause pimples, make you crazy, or go stupid.

All of those things of course are totally inaccurate. The old joke was: If masturbation makes you blind, then can I do it just until I need glasses? The truth is, you can masturbate any time, and as often as you want. Although, I probably wouldn’t do it while in a meeting, as it may be a distraction to the others who will immediately ALSO want to start masturbating.

If you are a “normal Human being”, odds are pretty good that at one time or another you have masturbated. The saying goes…80 percent of people have masturbated, and the OTHER 20% are LYING!!!

I masturbate because: 1. NEED to, and 2. because it feels great. Just think, no STD’s no pregnancies, and no one asking you afterwards, “Was it good for you”?

So, go ahead, take your sex life into “Your OWN hands today”, relax and have a great time. I just did it before I wrote this article and I am still reelin’ in the feelin’.

Until Later…




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