The Late Great Toilet Paper Debate Rolls On

Image result for over or under toilet paper debateImage result for over or under toilet paper debate

Have you ever notice when you’re on the toilet and about ready to finish the job by completing the paperwork, which way the tissue rolls? Some have it set to roll from the top, while others have it roll from the bottom.

Take me for example, I am an under roller. Yup, I am SO committed in fact that I will actually change the OVER roll to the under roll anywhere I go. Why, you may ask, because I MUST, that’s why.

Now I KNOW all you OVER rollers are saying: ”But Sooz, you’re just plain WRONG,  everyone KNOWS the correct way is to roll it OVER.” Yes, Yes, I know all about the 1891 patent for toilet paper which states that the correct way to install it is so that it rolls OVER and NOT under. To that I say POPPYCOCK!!!

In history, there have been many successful UNDER rollers. Let’s start with Albert Einstein, Thomas Jefferson, and even Paul McCartney, all UNDER rollers. Sure, George Washington, John Lennon, and President Obama were all OVER rollers, but who cares, we, (The UNDER rollers), have the brightest man in history on our side.

The TRUTH is…WHO GIVES A FLYING DAMN? If it Works for you, then go with the flow, err…roll. I will NEVER be convinced that I am using a damn toilet paper incorrectly, so OOH.

Do whichever makes ya feel good, and to HELL with the facts. I have spoken.

Until Later…



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