Pop Goes the Weasel…What???

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Most of you have heard the song Pop Goes the Weasel right, my question is, what the HELL does that mean. Yes, yes, I know what a weasel is, but for the life of me I DON’T know why it should go POP!

Did somebody blow the weasel up in a terrorist attack, and if so, why hasn’t anybody ever looked for this terrorist group that blows up weasels? I know what you’re thinking, as you’re scratching your heads, yeah…Why IS that?

Well, to make everyone feel better, I have personally made it my life’s mission to investigate this heinous act. Another thing just occurred to me, what ever happened to the mysterious monkey that was chasing said weasel around the mulberry bush, was he a PART of the terrorist organization?

I have decided to follow the money trail. Let’s face it; SOMEONE had to pay for the hit, right? Then there is the code within the song…

I’ve no time to plead and pine,
I’ve no time to wheedle,
Kiss me quick and then I’m gone
Pop! Goes the weasel.

I am having a friend of mine, who happens to work for the CIA, investigate, and try and CRACK this code. Who is kissing the monkey, or is someone trying to “KISS” the weasel. Believe me, sooner or later I will figure this out.

Fear NOT, my friends, I am on it like Sherlock Holmes, with my sidekick Dot. Pretty soon, this most heinous terrorist group will be found and dealt with accordingly.

Until Later…





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