Two More Added to the Family

Image result for 2 blue tick coon hounds

Dot and I did something unusual and impulsive today, we adopted two Blue Tic Coon Hounds. They are sisters and they four years old. Now I know what you’re thinking, why in the world would two raging alcoholics want to get not ONE, but TWO Coon Hounds?”

The answer is, they were a spur of the moment decision. I asked Dot if she wanted to go to the pound and look at some cute animals. She agreed and off went. Now, in all fairness, I have always loved animals, but never thought about taking care of them while I was working.

Now, it just seemed like a good fit, and who better to love these dogs but Dot and I? Anyway, we arrived at the SPCA and were looking at all the cuties, when we happened upon these Blue Tic Coon Hounds.

They were sad looking and even licked Dot and I when we stuck our fingers in their cages. I know, I know, we shouldn’t have done that, but, we did, and they were just sooooo adorable.

I’m sure those of you who have rescued dogs, or cats KNOW exactly what I am talking about, your heart just MELTS, and you MUST have them. Was this a good decision, I don’t know yet.

They were surrendered “supposedly” by an old woman who said she could no longer care for them. Bottom line, we did a “meet and greet” with them. Both dogs were very loving, and seemed like they wanted to get the Hell out of those cages. Who could blame them, right?

I have a large area of land behind my home and it is all fenced in, just a perfect place for the dogs to roam and keep the coons out of my back yard, (Mostly rabbits)…The only thing that is a little annoying however, is their baying. When I let them out, they sniffed the ground, and off they went chasing “SOME” scent they picked up…YIKES!!!

Right now they are both sleeping on the rug by my feet as if they didn’t have a care in the world. I will keep you updated on occasion and let you know how they are doing.  I’ve gotta find a good dog training place now so they can become well trained and adjusted dogs.

Thanks for reading…

Until later…




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