National Joke Day


Yup, that’s right folks, today is National Joke Day. Get up and search for your best joke, and share it with all of us. I haven’t been on in a while, so, I guess it is only fitting that I tell you one of MY jokes.

So, let’s see now…Hmmmmmm…. OK, I’ve got one.

As Farmer Brown approached his neighbor’s barn, he saw Farmer Jones serenading a tractor with songs and compliments.  “What are you doing?” Farmer Brown demanded.

Farmer Jones replied, “My wife and I have been having marital difficulties, and the marital counselor said I needed to do something sexy to “a tractor.”

Hey, come on, I’m wasted and I am totally out of practice. Now it’s YOUR turn to try and make ME laugh. Good Luck…

Until Later…