Masks and Their Idiosyncrasies

Protection against contagious disease, coronavirus. Beautiful ...

With the outbreak of this Pandemic virus, everyone and their brother (literally) are donning masks to cover up helping to stop the deadly spread of the disease. While I am a stay at home person, I still travel out to do some necessary chores.

When I am out and about, I too wear a protective mask. While roaming around one bright sunny day, I noticed several other folks like myself all donned in masks. Some are colorful, some are surgical in nature, and some are even the N95 that the government recommends.

I have even seen HOMEMADE masks, and of course bandanna masks of different colors with pictures on them. Here is my problem, now I am NOT a Dr. but, HOW effective really are all these different kinds of masks?

I always thought that it was social distancing that counted. No one wants to have anyone cough or sneeze on them, but how effective are these masks if someone near you let’s go with a hurricane force sneeze, or, if they are coughing so hard their eyes bug out?

The other thing is the different styles of masks. I mean so many people are wearing surgical masks, I feel like at any time I might be called upon to remove someone’s appendix or something.

On the other side of the coin, what if I’m in a bank with several other folks wearing the cowboy/girl bandanas? Do I slink up to the teller to make my transaction, or immediately put my hands in the air thinking it could be a robbery? These are things to THINK about Ehhhhh???

What are your thoughts on this whole mask thing? Is it a good thing or should we just stick at home, drink, and be safe? I vote for the later as I have a very boring surgical mask. Hey. It is what it is, right? Stay safe everyone…Muah!!!

Until Later…



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