If I Were a Monkey

Cute Monkey Cartoon Royalty Free Cliparts, Vectors, And Stock ...

If I were a monkey I’d live in the zoo, or perhaps as a pet, I could live with you.

I would jump, I could hop, I would climb and I’d swing, like you, I can do about any old thing.

Emotions are something ingrained in my head, I can be happy or sad and a temper it’s said.

Like Humans I eat foods like bananas and stuff, steak and sweet foods, but my favorite is Fluff.

If I were a monkey I could jump on your head, again as a pet I could sleep in your bed.

I could play on your swing set, your bars and your slide, even riding a bike brings a great sense of pride.

I love to be read to and cuddled in your arms, and I know that I’m safe from the world and its harms.

Yes If I were a monkey I’d be cute and would smile, and I would hope and I’d pray you would keep me awhile.

Until Later…

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