Just Ask Sooz-A Child’s Plea

Dear Sooz

Recently, I haven’t written any Dear Sooz letters on line but THIS letter really touched me. My heart broke as I read this little girl’s letter so I was compelled to reply.

Dear Sooz:

I’m writing to you not because I think you can help, but because I want others to be aware of how my story relates to the virus calamity. I am an 11 year old girl Sooz and my dad reads you quite a bit. He is the one who suggested that I write you.

My mom was a nurse in our local hospital and was helping to treat those who were sick from the virus. My dad is an engineer and works from home. Anyway, after about 3 weeks on my mom’s job, she came home not feeling well.

She was tested immediately and was found to have the virus. Originally she stayed in our basement to separate herself from the rest of the family. After 3 days had passed, it appeared there was no way she could continue on this way.

My dad took her to the hospital, she was admitted, and we all prayed for the best. Two days had passed and she was placed on a ventilator. All of us were scared. Dad kept saying the hospital was doing everything they could for her, but, after a week, she passed.

We were all heart brokenly and I took it especially hard. My mom was only 37 and in good health before she contracted the virus. I am writing this to let everyone know that no one is immune. It can strike anyone, anywhere, at any time.

Please, please, please, take every precaution. Wear masks, stay apart, and wash your hands often as the CDC recommends. Do not let my tragedy become yours. Thanks for letting me talk and thanks for listening.

Amanda in Washington

Dear Amanda in Washington:

First let me say how sorry I am for the loss of your mom. She sounded like a wonderful person. I respect everyone who is out there taking care of others. To me, and many other people, your mom was a HERO.

God Bless all of those who are out day after day putting their lives at risk for the lives of others. I certainly agree with Amanda’s plea to be careful and NOT reckless during these unsettling times.

Again Amanda, please accept my deepest sympathy, and may God grant you and your family the strength to carry on.