To be or NOT to be Drunk, That is the Question

To Be or Not to be Drunk,That is the Question

Too late to ask, I am already well in the bag…Whether it is nobler in the mind to be drunk, or suffer the slings and arrows of sobriety, THAT is the question. For those of you who follow me, you KNOW what MY answer is…Stay Drunk!!!

I know what you’re thinking, Sooz, why do you feel as if you need to drink constantly. My answer is, I don’t feel I need to drink as much as I WANT to drink. To be totally honest, I like being drunk. Now, the hangovers, the blackouts, and wondering if I did something I shouldn’t have are entirely different questions.

I once mentioned that almost every sexual experience I ever had was when I was drunk. There is just something about the looseness of the mind and body that makes an orgasm feel like the Fourth of July. Is there really anything wrong with being drunk when making love? According to a British article I read, women have an average of eight lovers, and five of the eight made love regularly while being intoxicated. So it’s NOT just me.

Now, have I ever made love sober, yes, after I have come back from rehab? Did I enjoy it, yes, but, not as much as when drunk. The big question remains, who have I slept with, AND, did I have protected sex? To that I have to say…I Don’t Know…Luckily, I have been safe. Now, I am with my partner so I don’t really have to worry about such things thank goodness.

I’m not saying that everyone should be a drunk like me; I am just explaining why I still enjoy, and carry on the way I do. I realize there have been many books written about recovering alcoholics who say that soberity is the way to go. Good for them I say, NOT for me.

Oops, I am rambling now so I better sign off. Love to all…

Until Later…

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