Cheers, I Raise a Glass to All

The 7 Stages of Drunk Girl

Hi everyone. Well, here it is 9:30 am on the Fourth of July and guess who is already pissed? If you guessed me, you would be right, but, so is Dot (my partner). We’ve been up for quite a while celebrating our Nations independence.

I must say, being drunk this early is both exhilarating but also unusual. Dot asked me what we were gonna do for the rest of the day?  I explained we would sleep off THIS drunk, wake up, and start all over again. She laughed and said, “Sounds like a great idea.”

She is so funny, and so loaded, her lips and tongue are already all over my boobs, while her hand strokes my pussy. If she keeps this up, I will have no choice other than to stop typing, and let her bring me to my OWN Fourth of July fireworks explosion.

Hope you are all having a great holiday; I miss you all, and hope to hear all about YOUR celebrations. Gotta go for now, I am being summoned.

Until Later…




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