Is Covid 19 Real

Cronología de la respuesta de la OMS a la COVID-19‎

The answer to this question is yes. While there are many people out there who still reject this claim, 1.45 Million people have succumbed to this deadly disease. 61.9 Million People have contracted it, and over 11,000 new deaths reported just today.

The American people seem to have been hit hardest by this pandemic, and WHY? The answer is simple, we (Americans), don’t like to be told what to do by ANYONE. Many people are disregarding the guidelines of wearing masks, social distancing, and limiting large social gatherings.

Look, I understand the NOT being told thing concept here, BUT, come on people, millions of our own kind are dying. Almost every health organization has issued stern warnings and guidelines but are people listening, NO!!!

This ISN’T just the flu folks. Yes, many say that the flu kills also and that certainly the older more infirm, once contracting it can also die, BUT, NEVER in such numbers worldwide.

I beg all of you who read this article, PLEASE follow the CDC guidelines so that many more people can live. Hopefully, there will be a nationwide vaccine shortly distributed that will either eliminate this deadly threat, or at least IF contracted, will GREATLY reduce its symptoms.

Please people; let’s NOT play chicken with your lives, or the lives of others. We are all human beings and we ALL deserve to live. Don’t let our own egos and self-absorbed facts lead us to total annihilation.

I for one am totally ready to get back to “NORMAL”. Let’s do what we need to do in order to accomplish this NEEDED goal. Thank you.

Until Later…