The Legend of Lake Killarney

Once upon a time; a long time ago; in a far off land, (I just love that opening), there was a beautiful forest. Deep within the forest was a beautiful lake. Surrounded by a postcard sky; with a landscape including a crystalline blue lake, and a glass-like appearance, it was almost surreal.

Legend had it that once a very handsome soldier was killed in battle and discarded in the lake. His name was Liam. A proud Irish boy he was from Cork County, strong, with flowing red hair, and a personality to match.  

He had risen quickly in rank to a Captain’s post in The Irish Guard and was known for miles around as not only being fierce on the battlefield, but also a kind and compassionate leader. Being so well liked, he was called on often to help negotiate village disputes and skirmishes throughout the land.

One day, when The Guard was called out to negotiate a truce between two warring counties, a skirmish broke out. Fighting was heavy on all sides, and while Liam held his own, a tall and powerful man threw him to the ground, and with his sword, he ran him through. He was dead.

With a snidely laugh the huge man wrapped Liam’s body in a blanket attached to his steed, found a large millstone and tied it to his ankles. He then dragged Liam to the lake, with a rowboat he saw on the dock, he went out to the center, and again, bellowed as he dropped Liam’s dead body into the cold waters.

The tale of Liam and the battle at Lake Killarney spread throughout the villages. When a poor town’s girl named Claire received the news, she was devastated. Secretly, Claire and Liam were engaged to be married, and when she heard the news, she dropped to her knees and prayed that it wasn’t true.

For days she stayed in her hut, crying and staring out over the pines to where the lake had taken her soon to be husband. People came but she wouldn’t get out of bed to receive them. All she could think about was his smiling face, and how they used to cuddle as they would talk by the hearth and plan their wedding. Finally, she could stand it no longer.

Walking to the lake she wiped the tears from her eyes, looked into the void of the vast lake, and decided what she must do. She walked into the cold waters of Lake Killarney and kept walking until was she was totally consumed by the lake.

Legend has it; that on moon-lit nights, as the dew blankets the water, the two lovers can be seen holding hands and walking upon the lake’s still waters. Once again, united, keeping Lake Killarney safe for all those who set upon her serene waters, now, and for ever more.

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