How Many Miles an Hour Can You Exceed the Speed Limit

How many miles an hour can you exceed the speed limit and not get caught?

 Let’s be honest, how many of you REALLY pay attention to the speed limit? Let’s see a show of hands, hmmmmm, there are WAY too many hands up to be truthful. Yes, I KNOW that I cannot ACTUALLY see your hands up, but, I know that almost everyone when asked, would say they are “good” citizens.

Here’s the thing, the truth is:

Transportation Research Part F (subscription), found 21 percent of drivers think it’s perfectly safe to exceed the speed limit by 5 mph. Forty-three percent saw no risk in going 10 mph over, and 36 percent say there’s no harm driving 20 mph over the speed limit.”

When I drive, which is seldom, I usually go around 5 mph over the speed limit. I have been stopped several times and I must say, (Pats self on the back), I have NEVER been issued a ticket. What’s my secret, well, for one, I’m a woman, and two, I cry a lot. It works, try it. Of course, if you are a man, that approach may not be quite as effective.

My point is to all you Pinnocchios out there, almost everyone speeds. My next question is why? The answer is, if you’re being honest, the limits that the Feds and States set is TOO DAMNED LOW.

The 55 mph speed limit was set for Political reasons back in the 70’s when gasoline prices were exceptionally high, NOT for safety reasons. That explains why when I was going 60 mph, people were passing me left and right as if there were a race going on.

The important thing to remember is this…Drive carefully, if you must speed, (And who doesn’t), do it responsibly. Get a Radar detector, and make sure that your neck can turn 360 degrees to watch for cops. Bottom line…If you DO get caught, tear up, oh go ahead, who knows, it might work.

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Who Loves Thomas KinKade?

MightyPrint Thomas Kinkade – Nature Paradise – Hunting Fishing Cabin Scene Wall Art – Strong reusable paper free print

Since I was a wee lass, I have always appreciated art. While in NO way can I draw or paint, (I’ve tried and tried), my appreciation for art has always grown with me over the years.

While there are many famous artist’s I would love to have hanging in MY home; Van Gogh, Rembrant, Cezanne, Monet, Manet, Degas, Picasso, etc., I do own and love paintings by Thomas Kinkade and Linda Le Kniff.

I realize that Thomas was a drunk, but, I think that only enhances my love for his work. Kinkade, known as the painter of light, was literally disrespected and hated by the artists of HIS time. Many described him as an opportunist and a hack.

Those artists, and even some today, I believe lack the insight into his soul. In MY opinion, he expressed his appreciation and love of Nature in a very unique way. Yes, he DID, many of the same type scenes and used the same techniques, but, his lack of vision and beauty could never be second guessed.

Linda Le Kniff, is a more recent artist, who I believe is just coming into her own. Her unique technique and style is very impressive. She too is hanging on many of my walls, and I believe her to be a visionary. Now, I am trying to obtain a Rembrandt through Park galleries. Although his work is sometimes  a little dark, his genius stands the test of time.

When I went to the Louvre in Paris, I was in Heaven. All my favorites were there. What an experience to stand there, in front of the masters, and just soak in their beauty, an experience I shall never forget.

I seem to be babbling on here so I will stop. I just got the idea for this article a I was sitting, and studying one of my Kinkade’s. The tranquil emotion it exudes indeed takes my breath away. Ahhhhhh…

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I Need All of You

I have been a member here since 2013, and while I have 414 people who say they follow me, I usually only receive a handful of views and comments.

This disturbs me. Am I NOT an interesting writer, do my topics suck, do I speak about my personal life too much, WHAT? I really want to know.

You see, I have always enjoyed writing, and I would like to know what your interests are, so I can give you my all. I am well versed in MANY subjects so let me know what you want to see.

Nothing would please me more that to wake up one day, and see over a thousand hits with 40 plus comments. Now, do I think that will happen, probably not, but, if you do like what I write, first of all, Thank You, and second, tell your friends.

I really do appreciate each and every one of you who read me, and I will continue to give you my all. All I ask is for you to let me know what subjects you would like, so that I may write about something that interests for you.

WordPress is a great home, with many interesting folks, I would like to get to know each and every one of you, so give me a chance. Remember, You, will control my content. If you also like various subjects, let me know, and it will be yours.

Thank you for your valuable time to let me get this off my (really nice Chest). I hope you all have a terrific day, and may your dreams and goals all become reality.

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Viewers Write In With Questions

Recently, I have been receiving a lot of questions from folks wanting to know a little bit more about me. I thought I would copy the questions, then print the answers.  Here goes:

  1. How long have you been a blogger?
  2. I have been a recent blogger since 2013, before that, I did some freelance things and wrote poetry.
  3. When did you first start drinking?
  4. I believe I took my first drink with some friends of mine, behind the playground when I was about 13. I didn’t become a full blown alcoholic till I was about 29.
  5. How long did you operate as CEO for your own company?
  6. I have worked in the advertising field for over 20 years, CEO as 6.
  7. How long have you known you were a Nymphomaniac?
  8. Very young, I had sexual feelings since I was around 12 years old. Of course I didn’t know what a Nymphomaniac was at that time, I just knew I wanted to fuck everything that walked.
  9. Why have you never entered into a long term relationship?
  10. It seems as though no one could ever keep up with me sexually, and as such, got frustrated and left. Or, it could be my earnings were significantly higher than all of those I’ve dated, perhaps making them feel inadequate. No, I’m NOT a bitch!!! LOL.
  11. Did you ever finish your schooling as a psychologist?
  12. Yes, actually I did. I left for a little while, but came back to finish. I have degrees in Business, Marketing, and Psychology.
  13. Why did you quit your CEO position when you were so young? It seemed as though the world was your oyster.
  14. I got bored, THAT plus a several million dollar buyout. Now, I can live my life as I please, doing what I want, when I want.
  15. Did you ever find out the reason for your father committing suicide as you have described a few times in your blog?
  16. No, I never did. Just a quick gunshot sound that changed my young life forever.
  17. Besides writing, do you also read voraciously?
  18. Without a doubt, I usually read 3-4 books a week.
  19. Your blogs can be “Very Selatious”, do you write them for shock value, or is that really your true inner self?
  20. Nope, it’s all me. I wear my sexiness on my sleeve, Oh, and also in my vagina. LOL.

OK, one more…


  1. You say you are bi-sexual, do you have a preference?
  2. Yes, I do, while in need, I will take either sex, But I much prefer female contact. They are softer, more cuddly, and think the same way I do.

Well, I hope you have enjoyed this, let me know. If you DID, I will do it again sometime… Bye for now.

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Unusual News Stories

A record 2,505 women skinny-dipped near Wicklow, Ireland, on Saturday.2,505 Women In Ireland Break World’s Skinny-Dipping Record

A week ago, 2505 women in Ireland did an all naked skinny dip to help raise money for a Cancer organization. As it turns out, The Guiness book of Records was also there to view the naked dip.

The annual event has grown by boobs and asses year after year. The first one which started with only 60 women, has grown to over 40 times that last week.

June 11th, twenty five hundred plus, naked women’s bodies came to take the plunge in 53 degree water temperature. ( I’ll bet there were some sticky out nipples Eh)?

One woman, Deidre Berson, described her dip as follows: ““Oh, my God, it was amazing. I have never been naked in front of anybody before, except my husband, and it was brilliant and bracing.” “We are all different shapes and sizes and ages, and it was just super.”

The event is open to all women who either have Cancer, are in remission, survivors, or any woman who has been affected by this deadly disease. It’s basically a “fuck you” to Cancer.

I just wanted to add my OWN praise for these women. My hat goes off to all you ladies, OK, not only my hat, but ALL my clothes for (solidarity), AND because I like to be nude.

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Just Ask Sooz

Dear Sooz:

I realize that Sunday is Father’s Day and I wanted to give a wonderful salute to all of those men who were good fathers. Believe me, not everyone was as lucky as you were.

I would have given my left kidney for a father who was kind, and compassionate. My father was a drunk. When he was drinking, he would become angry and violent. Many nights, while in bed, I would hear him drunkenly fight with, and strike my mother.

Then, the crying began with doors slamming and angry slurs filling the night. Many nights I prayed that he would leave and never come back.

When I was 10, my mom left him and took me to a shelter with her. The old man found us there, dragged my mom and I to the car, where he then proceeded to beat her senseless.

So you see Sooz, not everyone had the idyllic father daughter relationship. I was older when I finally trusted men enough to start dating. Those painful memories still haunt my dreams, and at times, cause me to have panic attacks.

So, to those men who were good fathers, and did the right things by their families, I salute you, and hope to Hell that no one has to be brought up in the family life that I endured for those many years.

I don’t really expect a reply, I just wanted to thank the fathers out there for the encouragement they have given to their children. Well Done.

Abused Child


Dear Abused Child:

You are so right, there are many children out there who have endured the same type of family life that you lived with. I am sorry for your pain, and I sincerely hope that living through such pain has made you a stronger, and more loving parent. God Bless You.



Happy Father’s Day

Hi , Sooz here, I just wanted to wish all of you fathers a happy Father’s Day tomorrow.

Fathers are special people who love, protect, and take care of their family’s . While different from mothers, they bring joy to our lives, and nourishment to our souls.

I would like to give a special thank you to my father who was always there for me. He taught me to be respectful, empathetic, kind, but most importantly he showed me how to love.

I know you’re not here with me dad, but know you will always be at my side.

Happy Father’s Day
Until Later…


Killers,Robbers, and Murderers, Oh My

Good Morning everyone, Sooz here with a little secret about myself.. If you guessed I’ve been drinking, congrats. THAT, however is a given. No, the secret is that yours truly is a SUPER fan of true crime stories. Books, Magazines, or anything I can get my hands on, are read, re-read, and processed in my head like I’m the detective. I think in my former life, I was the hard drinkin, let the world be damned kind of detective.

Yup, I am a REAL nerd when it comes to this genre. Today, I thought just for fun, amusement, I would list 10 of the most notorious serial Killer of all time. OK, here goes:

  1. Gilles Garnier-A Frenchman known as the werewolf killer, would stalk his victims, kill them, and then cannibalize them. He lived during the 1500’s and when caught, was KNOWN to have savagely sent 4 children to their demise. He was burnt at the stake, not for murder, but because he was a werewolf.
  2. William Burke and William Hare- These two were savages with only money as their motivator. They would kill their victims, and then sell them to the infamous Dr. Knox. who would then use them in his lectures. When caught, Hare turned state’s evidence on Burke giving him a lesser sentence. Burke, however, was found guilty, and was hanged by the neck until dead on 29 January, 1829.
  3. Harpe Brothers-Micajla and Wiley Harpe were around during the American Revolution. Robbers and killers, these two left a blood stained trail through the streets and forests of the USA. They were the FIRST known serial killers in America.
  4. La Quintrala-Being of German, Spanish, and Amerindian descent, gained her fame in Chile as killing over 40 people. She grew up in a rich and religious family, but soon developed her OWN religion of Greed, Sex, and murder.
  5. Peter Stumpp-He lived during the 1500’s and was also accused of being a werewolf. He savagely cannibalized 19 victims before being caught and executed. Yikes!!!
  6. Daryla Saltykova-A well known serial killer in Russia who was accountable for 138 killings, most of which were peasants. She was convicted and sent to life in prison.
  7. Gilles de Rais- He was known for the killing of between 80 and 200 young children. He was a Knight and leader of the French army during the 1400’s. His spree was so atrocious, not only was he sentenced to be hanged but ALSO burned.
  8. Peter Niers-“Throughout the 16th Century, Peter Niers was responsible for 544 killings in the Holy Roman Empire and was influenced by robbery, black magic and supernatural belief to commit vicious acts of cannibalism, rituals and slayings.” “He would raid most of the countryside with his associates to steal from families and individuals, killing them, and removing fetuses of pregnant women which he would use for magic rituals and cannibalism.” “ He was sent to his death on 16 September 1581 as a result of torture for 3 days.  First, his flesh stripped from his body, and overwhelmed with heated oil, then held above glowing coals. Finally, he was broken by the wheel, and quartered.” (Not a good way to go)!!!
  9. Elizabeth Bathory-Known by her nickname “The Blood Countess”, was suspected of killing up to 650 people. She was convicted for 80 that witnesses knew of, and while she never was executed, she was sent to prison where she was found dead in her cell by a guard in 1614.
  10. Thug Behram-He was known as an assassin and thug in the late 1700’s and early 1800’s of India. He holds the record for most killings with 931 victims. Getting behind his unsuspecting victims, he would take his weapon of choice…a Ceramony Cloth and then  strangle the life out of them.

Yes, I know what you are thinking…”But what about Ted Bundy, The 22 Calibur killer, Al Capone, Charles Manson, John Wayne Gasy and others?” Yes, yes, sure, but the ones I listed are the top 10 of ALL time. I hope you enjoyed this piece as much as I have writing about them.

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Just Ask Sooz


Dear Sooz:

My fiancé of two years has just asked me to marry him. Now most people would be extremely happy, but, I believe he may have been cheating on me.

I don’t know what to do, if I ask him, he will just deny it, and more than likely, that would also ruin our relationship.

He treats me well, and is very affectionate. He is also very good in bed. I am at a crossroads here Sooz, please tell me what I should do.

Lost in the woods

Dear lost in the woods:

I feel for you girl, the decision you need to make is not an easy one. Here are my thoughts on this:

1. Once a cheater always a cheater. I have seen very little evidence where once they have cheated, they then regret it and never do it again.

2. If he really loves you, he would not be messing around with other women.

My advice to you would be to run as fast as you can away from him. All I see is pain in your future if you marry him.

Of course the choice is yours. If you’re smart however, you will take my advice, and find someone who will be faithful. Good luck!

Why Does Almost Everybody Like Our Breasts


For years I have pondered what the fascination with our tits, I mean breasts are? Don’t get me wrong, I love ‘em too. Nothing like a nice soft, juicy breast in your mouth to get the sex juices flowin’.

Look, I realize I am a Nympho and am easily excited, but, both the women and men I’ve spoken to about this subject agree that our breasts are a BIG turn on.

Maybe it’s their softness, or our sexy nipples, or, maybe as kids we suckled our mother’s and got a taste for them. I KNOW I did. Let’s be honest, that’s why I LOVE to flash them. I am flashing all of you right now as I write this piece. If the truth be told, I AM a repetitive flasher.

In college, when it was “Spring Break”, I was always one of the “Girls Gone Wild”, and would flash my Ta Ta’s to anyone who would ask. Most of the time, this was because I was a wee bit inebriated, but even so, I got such a rush seeing other people see them, and then get excited. That hasn’t changed at all, I STILL will flash you at a moments notice.

So, does anyone have an answer to my question? Please give me YOUR thoughts on this. Come on, don’t be shy, I would really enjoy your input here. OK, that’s my time for today, remember, let me know…Please!!!

Until Later…