Masturbation For Fun and Health

Today, I would like to talk about something that everybody seems to keep on the down low-Masturbation. My question is Why?

For years I have been professing the benefits of masturbating, it’s a great relaxer, lowers blood pressure, AND, it’s been proven, that those who masturbate on a regular basis live LONGER.

Come on, don’t you want to live longer? I figure since I masturbate between 3 to 6 times per day, let’s see…Carry the 4, add 50, and multiply by 1000, I should live till I’m at LEAST as old a Methussila, and perhaps a little longer.

In Europe, they not only talk about it freely with others, they practice this life saving procedure daily. So, why are we, as Americans, so clandestine about this taboo subject?

I say, let’s get those hands lubed up and get ready for some fun. Hey, you can do it by yourself, OR, with a significant other, the choice is yours. Get started today, and start adding some years to your life.

I’m gonna get the ball rolling, I’m already half in the bag, and MY fingers are already doing the walking. Come on, join me. You WON’T regret it.

Until Later…


Some Like it Hot

Gently touching your lips while I feel cup your breasts, my mind reels.

My legs are spread wide as you softly work your fingers down my thigh.

The heart pounds from the sensation of your body, soft as pillows.

Wetness forms around my garden, awaiting your mouth to pleasure me.


My breasts are yours, encircled by your tongue, and gently biting my nipples.

When will she get to my glory box, I think, sucking me dry while licking my forbidden button.

Kisses, slowly repeating down my inner thighs, while my body quivers in ecstasy.

I start to pant now as she works her fingers in and out of my glory hole, all the while, licking up, and around my pleasure button.


I am hers, I surrender as I scream out into the night, Yes, Yes, Yes!!!

It becomes no longer possible to contain my excitement, I inhale, and give her my soul.

Screaming out like a banshee, I explode like a thousand pounds of dynamite, filling the night with the relief of a lifetime.

Quiet now, I retrn the pleasure, and the music plays on.





Viewers Write In With Questions

Recently, I have been receiving a lot of questions from folks wanting to know a little bit more about me. I thought I would copy the questions, then print the answers.  Here goes:

  1. How long have you been a blogger?
  2. I have been a recent blogger since 2013, before that, I did some freelance things and wrote poetry.
  3. When did you first start drinking?
  4. I believe I took my first drink with some friends of mine, behind the playground when I was about 13. I didn’t become a full blown alcoholic till I was about 29.
  5. How long did you operate as CEO for your own company?
  6. I have worked in the advertising field for over 20 years, CEO as 6.
  7. How long have you known you were a Nymphomaniac?
  8. Very young, I had sexual feelings since I was around 12 years old. Of course I didn’t know what a Nymphomaniac was at that time, I just knew I wanted to fuck everything that walked.
  9. Why have you never entered into a long term relationship?
  10. It seems as though no one could ever keep up with me sexually, and as such, got frustrated and left. Or, it could be my earnings were significantly higher than all of those I’ve dated, perhaps making them feel inadequate. No, I’m NOT a bitch!!! LOL.
  11. Did you ever finish your schooling as a psychologist?
  12. Yes, actually I did. I left for a little while, but came back to finish. I have degrees in Business, Marketing, and Psychology.
  13. Why did you quit your CEO position when you were so young? It seemed as though the world was your oyster.
  14. I got bored, THAT plus a several million dollar buyout. Now, I can live my life as I please, doing what I want, when I want.
  15. Did you ever find out the reason for your father committing suicide as you have described a few times in your blog?
  16. No, I never did. Just a quick gunshot sound that changed my young life forever.
  17. Besides writing, do you also read voraciously?
  18. Without a doubt, I usually read 3-4 books a week.
  19. Your blogs can be “Very Selatious”, do you write them for shock value, or is that really your true inner self?
  20. Nope, it’s all me. I wear my sexiness on my sleeve, Oh, and also in my vagina. LOL.

OK, one more…


  1. You say you are bi-sexual, do you have a preference?
  2. Yes, I do, while in need, I will take either sex, But I much prefer female contact. They are softer, more cuddly, and think the same way I do.

Well, I hope you have enjoyed this, let me know. If you DID, I will do it again sometime… Bye for now.

Until Later…




Wednesday’s Drunk Tales

I woke up today, hungover, and ready to do it all over again. I know what you’re saying, “Poor little rich girl…Awwww” but hey, I’m bored and I like to drink. What better way to relieve a hangover than with a few quick shots of vodka and wine.

I decided I would get good and shit faced, and then see how long it would take me to put on my make-up. I’m already om my fourth vodka mixed with wine, and I am starting to feel pretty good. My hangover is just about gone, and I am feeling as frisky as well, a drunk woman in need.

In case you were wondering, my day starts early. I was up and drinking at 6:45 AM, and to keep you updated, I’m now starting my fifth wine and shot of vodka.

I like to drink while wearing only my bra and panties. It gives me that feeling wild and wholly feeling, like I am a panther stalking her prey. For those of you who may be wondering, I am wearing a pink lace bra with a matching pink thong. I REALLY need to be fucked.

Sorry, I just stepped away for a moment while I let my fingers do the walking. Well, that, and a great vibrator…Wink!!! Anyway, I am really starting to feel the alcohol now. Each sip is heavenly, and slides down my gullet like a snake eating a mouse. God, I love being drunk. Number six is going down.

One more shot and I am gonna try the makeup thingy. It’s kinda funny because I just looked in the mirror and I see myself with glazed and half open eyes, and then, I notice my tits, they look MAHHVELOUS!!!!!

Moving on, base, foundation, sealer, rouge and mascara, some eye shadow and a nice gentle pink lipstick with some gloss. Holy SHIT, this took me 45 min. Sure, I look like a gorgeous drunk, ( with GREAT tits), but NOW, I’m so drunk, and I need a nap.  Shit, gotta go, feel free to take advantage of me, my legs will be spread and waiting. Until Later…



A Night To Remember

Passed out red head

Yesterday, I was at home. Tired, restless, a little drunk, and horny, I had already masturbated twice within an hour, and I was in major need of some human touch. At this point I didn’t care whether it was male or female, I just needed the elixir of love.

I decided I was going to get it, I changed into my sexiest thong and bra, applied just a touch of perfume, and then slipped into my low cut red dress. Boobs showing, saying that I WANTED it, and the short dress that said, “Take me, I’m yours.”

  Now, I was ready to hunt game.

I had my driver pull up, and away I went, hungry for love. Figuring I better stay close to home, (quicker for a return ride), I went to the club I used to hang out. Dark, and the clientele waiting to spring upon single women like lions to their prey, I took my seat at the bar and ordered a zombie.

I really didn’t care how drunk I got, I just wanted to press some flesh. Almost immediately, a guy sat down beside me and asked if I wanted a drink. I said sure, “I’ll have another zombie” and he ordered it.

The man was not Fabian handsome, but, he was 35, had all his hair, WORKED, and drove a vintage 65 Mustang. Now. I was interested. About an hour later, and 3 more zombies into my alcohol system, we danced. He, (Bill), was a great dancer and oh so touchy feely. I loved it.

Around 1:00 AM, I asked if he would like to go back to my place for a night cap. Funny thing, (Hehehehe), he did. By this time I MUST have been slurring my words because at times, I could see two Bills.

I got into his car and we were off to the races. I really wanted to drive, but I was WAY too drunk, so I settled for HIM to put the pedal to the metal. I know I shouldn’t have, but, I decided to feel his “parts”. Wow, he must have gone from zero to sixty as far as erections go, and I was in Heaven.

When we arrived back at my place, he looked at my home and said,”You live here”, I assured him I did and invited him in for a night cap. He said he would just like a shot of whiskey, so I took out the Jamisons and did a long pour.

I poured one for me also, and within 3 seconds they were gone. He was frisky now, picking me up in his He took off my dress, then my bra, and started to feel my soaking mound, right through my thong.

At THIS point, he could have done anything he wanted to me. Nibbling my nipples, while slowly, feeling my inner thigh, drove me insane. He was a good lover and he knew it.

I massaged his balls with my tongue and mouth while he got hard as carbon steel. I started masturbating him, first with my mouth, then my hand. Moaning through the night was now a common thing as he entered me.

No sooner had he entered my dark hairless cave, I could no longer stand it. I started to cum, and so did he. Juices and cum everywhere, WOW!!! I passed out and awoke to a note that read, “Fun time last night, let’s do it again.” Once again, I was alone with my thoughts, hungover, but with the best feeling in my pussy in a long time.






The Dream of Love

Silently drifting, I dream of you.

I see your hands in my mind’s eye, and can feel their warmth, caressing every part of my soft and wanting body.

Your loving mouth excites me, as it tenderly kisses my lips, and then, runs down between my inner thighs until arriving at my garden’s center.

Kiss me till I explode from thy generous tongue.


I gaze deep within your eyes and see your love as you penetrate my soul.

I am asleep, yet, my subconscious mind forces my loins to become wet with thy overpowering command.

Take me to Nirvana my love,

I am yours, asleep, awake, or anytime you require me. I am a slave to your love.




Pain and Pleasure

It was 10:00 PM in Arizona, I had been reading sexual material, and I needed a sexual fix. I’d been good all week, well, except for my normal masturbation schedule, and I needed a little playtime. I dialed Olga’s number but  I had to leave a message. “Hi Olga, it’s Sooz, and I need a treatment.” Ten minutes later the phone rang, it was Olga. I could tell she had been drinking by her slightly slurred words and she said, “Hi Sooz, you need a treatment, huh, for you, my house is always open.”

“Thanks, Madame”, I said, and I got in my car and started to drive. It took me about an hour to get there winding around long deserted roads and a driveway that seemed to never end. I rang the doorbell which had one of those long rings, and the thick door opened with Olga dressed in her Madame costume.  She was wearing a leather outfit with an  Assless back, and also with her perfectly GORGEOUS TITS exposed, just right for touching.

She welcomed me with a sensuous kiss on the lips, and sure enough, as expected, she had been drinking. “I have a special night planned for you tonight Sooz, but, I need you to be drunk to fully enjoy it, what do you say?”

“Sure enough”, I said with a smile, “What spirits do you have?” “Whiskey with ice, or straight up, what will it be?” “Whiskey with ice, I said, and she poured me a tall one.” “So, why so late”, she asked as I downed the first drink and started another.

I explained to her that I had been good all week, and that I needed a little pain and pleasure action to round me out. “No problem, she said, finish your drink and I’ll fix you another.”

I hurriedly gulped that one down and started my third major drink within 40 minutes. I already had a good buzz on, but this drink went down in about 3 minutes, which threw me over the edge into the land of drunkdom.

Madame Olga led me to a special room, which she called the RED room. Inside was every piece of equipment you could ask, for S&M  sex. Across it, was a setup I needed to use. Olga led me to this contraption and told me to spread my legs wide as she bound them with heavy leather straps.

Then, she took my arms and again bound them wide so I had no rhythm of motion. Finally, she blindfolded me so I could see nothing. I waited as I heard her slap the riding crop hard  against the desk. The next thing I felt was the crop slapping against my ass, pain screamed within me, followed by Olga kissing my red buttocks, then licking it. OMG, I was in heaven.

My pussy was dripping wet with anticipation now as she took a long feather and stroked the insides of my sides with the feather and again kissed each thigh as slow as possible. My breasts were next. She bit them as if she was having dessert spreading pain throughout my body.

The soft suckling of them immediately afterwards, however, sent my senses into overload. I was VERY HORNY and I needed to CUM!!!

I begged her to finish me off, but again, she worked my ass like a pro and told me to shut up. Finally, what seemed like hours, came to an end as she placed her riding crop between my pussy and made me lick my own juices.

She kissed my lips gently and then continued all the way down to my steaming crotch. She put her tongue inside my vagina, all the while fingering the hole in my ass. I could take it no longer, I writhed in the darkness and exploded. Cum came flying out of me as I reached a Vaginal Orgasm and I spurted all over her floor. I was satisfied and exhausted. Olga took me down from my makeshift cross, kissed me, and handed me a strong whiskey.

We drank and talked the night away, and finally fell asleep in Olga’s bed. The next morning I showered, while Olga accompanied me, got dressed, thanked her for a lovely time and left, knowing that I would be back again soon.










Luscious, Succulent Sex

For those of you who may be wondering, I am in a VERY sexy mood this afternoon. I am thing about and picturing SEX. Yes, yes, I know that sex is about love and the relationship and all of that, but, there is ALSO sex as in LUST; the Hot, Sweaty, Horny, and Salacious sex, that’s what I’M talking about.

I am HORNY and I NEED SEX…NOW. I just finished reading a very sexy book and now I want to act out the character. Hey, don’t judge me, I am sure that there are a LOT of good folks just like me who right now, are wet as a river and want to jump on a nice pecker or twat.

OK, yes, I may have been drinking a “little” while I was reading, but, that doesn’t take away the cravings, it ONLY enhances them. My legs are spread wide, and my fingers just slipped underneath my G String. I am WET and I need to be pleasured.

There is no one around so I MUST take care of my OWN needs. Too bad a lot of my readers aren’t closer right now. See you all on the flip side…Ummmm, I just tasted myself….Yummy.


Just Ask Sooz

Dear Sooz:

I am writing for my boyfriend as he is too embarrassed to write. The problem is Sooz, he is a pre ejaculator. It seems every time we make love, within a minute, he shoots his load, turns over and falls asleep, leaving me frustrated.

I have heard this is a common problem and wanted to see if you could share some advice with me? We make love at least three times a week, so anything you’ve got to help would be greatly appreciated.

Frustrated Frau


Dear frustrated Frau:

You’re right, it IS a fairly common problem. You didn’t say how old he was which sometimes can make a difference. You’re in luck though, as I know a sure fire way to fix this. Here is what you do:

Take his penis and stroke it like you want him to cum, before he does, back off and let it deflate a bit. Then, repeat as before. Do this four or five times over a ten-fifteen minute period.

Try this daily for five consecutive days. Each time, extend the time before ejaculation by a minute or two. By the end of the week, he should be as right as rain, and YOU should be satisfied once again. Good Luck!







Odd but True Xmas Gifts

Sexy woman in panties

OK, here’s the low down, it’s getting time to buy all your Xmas presents, as Black Friday approaches. Sure, you can buy aunt Ghirta her FAVORITE socks again, and certainly let’s not forget Uncle Clyde’s favorite booze so he can STAY pickled, OR, you can shop at Sooz’s home delivery facility and use some of MY gift ideas.

Mine may be a little offbeat, however, I’ve been told there is a niche for everyone, right? Here are just a few of my ideas for Xmas that will wet ANYONE’S whistle.

  • Disappearing Hair Mug –Yup that’s right, it starts, showing a full frontal view of my pussy. As you drink your favorite beverage, my pubic hair disappears until I am as shaved as a brand new spankin’ baby. Just imagine the possibilities? Only 15.99


  • Trip the Light Fantastic With Sooz Handbook—People, you don’t wanna miss out on this. This will show you HOW to get a date, where to go, and what to DO when the timing is right. The perfect handbook for every guy and gal. A steal at only 22.95.


  • Masturbation Handguide for Dummys—Yes, yes, I can hear you now, “But Sooz, I KNOW how to masturbate”. Believe me folks, you may know how to choke the chicken, or make yourself pulsate like a river, BUT, I guarantee UNBELIEVABLE MIND BLOWING EXPERIENCES after you read my book. Who doesn’t want to CUM 6 or 7 times a day like I do? Read my book and become a masturbation EXPERT like me. Today thru next week, only 25.99.


  • A Date with Sooz—OK folks, this was a last minute decision, but, I NEED to get LAID. For only 250.00, you can date me, converse with me, and if your lucky, take me to your place and show me a good time. (Wink…Wink).


OR, those socks are still available. The choice is YOURS, I’m SURE you will make the RIGHT one. Muah!!!