To All My Readers




For the last few days I have been away on an UNPLANNED vacation in the Hospital. Yup, my cold kept getting worse and worse, and I kept feeling sicker and sicker.

As it turned out, I was rushed to the ER with severe viral Pneumonia. I had a 105 degree fever and I was out of my head. Yeah, I know NOT very attractive right???

I was stuck so many times; I felt like something you would keep your needles in. I was a MESS. Luckily, thanks to all the fine Drs. and nurses who took care of me, I was able to leave yesterday and am back home recuperating.

This is the second, or is it the third time now I have been hospitalized for Pneumonia. I consider myself quite lucky to still be round. I was coughing so hard I think half the hospital could hear me.

Anyway, I am home now and on just about every drug there IS known to man. OK, I MIGHT be exaggerating a bit, but, I FEEL like that is the case. A friend of mine has taken off her job to come and care for me until I am ready to return to work.

Dr. says that should be about a week from now, IF, he gives me the OK…Well, my friends, I will tell you, come Hell or high water, I WILL be feeling better and will be back to work. I HATE to be indebted to anyone.

In the meantime, I will be doing some extra writing to sort of catch up a bit. I sincerely hope you enjoy my stuff that will be coming. Well, time for a nap now so I bid you all adieu and wish you all the best…

Until Later…


We Can Cure Some of the Major Diseases, but NOT the Common Cold… WTF!!!


So this is day two of my fight for survival with this awful cold. I have taken EVERY medicine known to man, and STILL I feel like a tattered rag. I must admit though, I am NOT a good patient.

I whine, and complain, and am just, well a CRANK. While that is certainly NOT the way to handle things, it’s just the way I am made. I’m better off just being left alone, Bitching and whining to myself.

Tomorrow, I have to be in the office for a large presentation for a new client, Ms. CRANK or not. Ohhh, don’t worry, I will be very polite and cover my mouth so I don’t infect anyone else, I promise…

Wish me luck tomorrow; I have a Japanese client with LOTS of money to spend on a HUGE Ad Campaign. Luckily, I speak a little Japanese so that should put the client a little more at ease.

Alright, well, I’m going back to bed now, it’s gonna be a LONG day tomorrow…