Does Being a Drunk Make me a Bad Person




Dear Diary:

Sometimes after I wake up with a huge hangover, I wonder why I drink. The answer is really unclear. I have been an alcoholic since I have been in my 20’s, and I wonder if this makes me a bad person.

At times, I feel like it does, and then other times I feel like it doesn’t. I guess the presumption is IF I even have these feelings, then maybe I AM a bad person. Like anyone, I have done things that I am not proud of doing. Usually, I have been under the influence when I did them. OK, I was drunk.

Funny enough, my therapist says that I THINK too much and that I shouldn’t worry about such things. She reminds me that I do donate my time and money to others, so, I should feel good about myself. She DOES however tell me that I am young and should STOP drinking.

While I realize that she is right, I just don’t WANT to. Dot and I have the best time getting drunk together. Anyway, I am straying from the point, am I a bad person because I am a drunk?

I think what I will do is have a few more Vodka and Cranberry’s and ponder this a bit further. Perhaps being drunk will help add perspective to my quandary. Please feel free to jump in and offer your opinion if you have one. I would love to hear someone else’s thoughts concerning my dilemma. Stay safe and wash your hands till they bleed.

Until Later














Dear Diary

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Dear Diary:

It’s midnight and as usual, I am wasted drunk. Ya know, the funny thing is, I LIKE being in a constant state of intoxication. Oh sure, sometimes I pee myself, or fall asleep and wake up on the floor, but really, the hardest part is waking up after a good drunk with all the awful effects.

What I really hate, is the feeling  like a train has run over me and my mouth is all fuzzy. Sure, I can always out drink it, but it takes between 6 and 8 shots before the headache subsides and I start to feel good again.

The question I always ask myself is WHY? My mother was a drunk and I swore I would never be like her, now look at me, a living breathing replica of my mother. The only difference is that I am a smart and rich drunk, big deal.

Why is it I ask myself that I enjoy being intoxicated? I am good looking, like to fuck, and love both men AND women, so why do I NEED alcohol? I believe it must be because somewhere in my life, I must feel insecure.

Sure, the money is great, but as stated, ‘It doesn’t buy happiness’. How true that is. I would much rather have a good woman, or man beside me, sharing in my joys and helping me when I’m down.

I have friends but, THEY don’t usually share a bed with me and discuss the future. I need someone to love me for WHO I am and what I’m about, someone who can love me unconditionally, and accept me for who I am with all my faults. Is THAT even possible?

And WHY am I rambling on to you Dear Diary, I guess it’s just the alcohol taking over at this point. For those who may read this, please don’t feel sorry for me, just try and understand me.

Well, I really can’t see to type anymore, so I guess I’ll just go to bed and pass out. Thanks for listening to all my tales of woe Diary; you’re a good sounding board. Good Night!!!

Until later…