Dear Daddy


Dear Daddy

It’s just about Father’s Day and I am sitting here thinking of you. God, time goes by quickly doesn’t it? It seems like just yesterday that you were here, hugging me, and teaching me about life and the world.

A lot has happened since you have passed daddy, I assumed control of a large Ad Firm, and became its CEO. As you taught me, I have always attempted to be fair and upfront with people, and myself.

Remember when you used to take me to the shelters to feed the poor, well, just so you know, I have continued your work there and it really DOES give me pleasure, and also pause. It has kept me grounded through the most trying times in my life. Thank you for that valuable gift.

Now for the weird part daddy, after all the time, money, and energy it took to acquire my company, I have given it all up to help people in the Psychology field. I KNOW, right? Sometimes I can’ figure it out myself.

I have started a Just Ask Sooz advice column, which I write for several blogs, and people have written me back saying how much they appreciated my advice. It gives me a warm feeling when I can help someone daddy, a gift that YOU gave me.

I am starting back to school in the fall for a graduate degree in Psychology and I am really looking forward to it. I hope you are proud of me daddy, I have tried so hard to follow in your footsteps, but I realize it’s difficult, because you had such big shoes to fill.

I miss you daddy, I think of you every day, especially in times of trouble. I keep asking myself, “What would daddy do in this or that situation?” I hope you are in Heaven cause you certainly deserve to be.

Please look after me daddy, keep me on the straight and narrow, and as always, help me to be like the man you were. God Bless you, and be at peace.


Your Princess