A List of Things You Can do When Bored

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Let’s face it, lists are fun. Being bored is NOT fun, so, I decided I would list some things you could do when you are bored. Hopefully, you will enjoy this list.

  1. Masturbate- A fun and simple way to relieve boredom, AND relaxing too.


  1. Go Skydiving- This is a real ass kicker and unbelievable experience, hey, “Don’t knock it if you haven’t tried it”.



  1. Make paper dolls out of an old newspaper…Go on, TRY it.


  1. Play with paper dolls after making them. Hehehehehe…I CAUGHT you.



  1. Try reading a book longer than “War and Peace”.


  1. Take a walk in the rain, OR, if you have an arid climate, take a long shower and pretend you are walking in the rain. Hell, you might even make it better by masturbating while you’re in there.



  1. String paper clips together and see how long of a chain you can make.


  1. Eat something, regret what you ate, and repeat.



  1. Sleep, but, then you would be missing all of the fun activities I’ve already listed.


  1. Drink-OK, I KNOW I shouldn’t list this, but, it has always been a good boredom reliever for me, and then, Usually, I masturbate.


Hot and on the Prowl


Some folks call me a Cougar, others call me a slut, you can call me what you like as long as you give me the two things I need to survive, booze and sex. Funny really, I never thought I’d wind up this way, alone, drunk, and with a sexual craving I couldn’t control. 


Oh sure, I started out like everyone else, a good Catholic girl who believed all those fairy tales about Heaven and Hell, even had the nuns beat into my head that sex was wrong and that if I masturbated, I would not only go to Hell, I would also go blind.


Well, guess what, I masturbated till my fingers were raw and my Pussy STILL cried out for more. By the way, I can still spot a fly at 20 yards, so I guess I dispelled THAT myth also.


It was 2:00 AM, a Wednesday, I was drunk as usual and my Pussy was HOT and WET. I needed to get laid, and it had to be soon before I passed out. I turned next to the guy I was drinking with and slurringly said, “You wanna take me home and have your way with me”?


He half looked at me through those yellowish red eyes and nodded. As we left the bar, I knew I wouldn’t be able to make it all the way home, when in the cab, I took his hand, put it inside my pants until  his main fucking finger was inside me. Them, I grabbed his cock and started working it up and down like the pro I was.


He only lasted about 5 Minutes as I heard him let out a satisfied Ahhhhhhh. I was right behind him as his fingers lubricated me like an aqueduct lubricating pipes.


God he was good, sure, I was drunked up pretty good but he had a way about him that lit my flame and took me into Nirvanna. The cab came to our destination and he paid the man with half his pants still hanging down.


We went into my place, drank until I passed out and woke up the next morning with him on top of me. I told him I had a Hell of a hangover, got outta bed and poured myself a stiff one.


He zipped up, said thanks for last night and dissappeared like a ghost on the morning after Halloween. As for me, I just went back to my bottle planning my time for THIS evening. “What a life, what a life indeed.”



Today I’m Feelin’ Sexy


That’s right folks, I am feelin’ HOT and Sexy, and it’s not even Tuesday. I woke up this mornin’, put my fingers on my breasts and just let the world go by.


I’m sure you will excuse the brevity of this piece, there is something I need to take care of. Talk to you all later.

Quiet Is the Night

Sexy Tuesday

Silence, a sound that displays a defining quite within night’s realm,

Praise for its song, and its intent to still whatever whispers over its presence.

Feel the silence as it envelops your being, and

Sense the HEAT which engorges your flower.


Touch the softness of your breasts as you circle their outer beauty,

Squeeze them and amplify the love juice within your forbidden zone.

Take the tool formed by the gods, your fingers float across thy loving body,

Enrich the pleasure, place your two fingers above your hardened member.


Play my supple fingers, delight within my touch, and engorge thy flower delight.

Let Nature take its course, arch up, taste the flow of man’s existence rage within your helpless body.

Be not of times world, but delivered upon Lust’s alter.

Scream out into that quiet night, and forever rejoice in its glory.










Summer’s Heat


The temperature is up, and my Lust follows accordingly.

Slowly I peel back the heated layers of clothing until I reveal only the necessary EVILS.

I am HOT, and I need relief.

Slowly, I reach down my over heated breasts, until I reach the danger zone.

Touching and swirling, the moisture builds along my firm clit.

Greater, and sexier, I feel until the momentum build, until it can no longer be contained.

Screaming out into the Summer heat, I explode with exotic eruption, until all again, is




Seduction–Sooz Style


Hi there everyone, how are you this morning? I have come here today with a heavy heart. Many of the computer servers over the world have blocked me because of my Erotica stories. It’s sad really because it was a new experience for me, and something that I hoped many would enjoy.
***********************************ADULT CONTENT*************************************

Unfortunately, it appears as if that has not happened. I have always prided myself in giving the people something that they would hopefully like reading ,but, it appears that many are turned off by the graphic structure of my pieces.

I am writing ONE last Erotica story. This piece is from personal experience, and hopefully NOT my last story, but this one, is meant from the heart and soul of me. This is actually a piece of my life, it happened just the way you will read it. Please don’t think harshly of me, as I enjoy ALL forms of sex, well, except for erotic asphyxia.

I believe that sex is a form of art made between two people, and I have absolutely NO shyness, or misgivings about giving myself, or others pleasure. Below is an actual event from ONE of the forms of sex I enjoy.

 Rain, why does it always rain when I want to drive somewhere? I haven’t had good sex now in a month of Sundays, and when I DO get an offer, doesn’t the weather just say,”Fuck You Sooz, if you WANT it, then you’re going to have to pay for it.” I must admit, sex has always been number one in my circle of life, and when I DON’T get it, run for your life.

Tonight was one of those nights. My crotch was dripping like rain from the roof, I NEEDED it, and I needed it now. Cranking the engine in my Jag, and the roar from the motor assured me that Nirvana was only a short drive away.

It seemed like an eternity, but finally pulling up into that long winding driveway, put my mind at ease, I was going to get laid. I had been here before when I was just a novice in S&M, tonight however, I was a professional and couldn’t wait to get my ass slapped and then kissed, and then slapped some more. Even thinking about it made me want to cum right there, but the wait would be worth it.

The mansion door opened and Madame Olga greeted me with a long seductive kiss, while feeling my moistened pussy beneath my dress. She took my hand and led me to our room of pleasure.

 Just thinking about the pain and pleasure was enough to make me tremble. I was hot, wet, and I was ready.  Madame Olga demanded I disrobe and bend over a long table, covered in white silk with black lace. Immediately I complied and the fun began. Whack went the riding crop across my ass again and again. Even though the pain was biting, kissing my wounds with her luscious lips made my body quiver. God this was good.

She then led me to a set of poles looking like field goal posts, and bound both my hands and feet. Olga decided to blindfold me as again she laid her crop across my back. Whack, Kiss, Whack, Kiss, don’t stop I thought as the pain and pleasure were bringing me closer and closer to ultimate pleasure. The crop was replaced by a feather as she ran the feathers around my neck, and then all the way down to my already soaked twat.

Olga dropped to her knees and spread my wanton pussy with her fingers while sliding her tongue inside my molten volcano. Up and down and all around my Clit she navigated as finally I could hold on no more. I screamed out into the night like a wailing Banshee as my need had been satisfied.

After dressing, Olga came to me, kissed me passionately and whispered in my ear, “Next time, YOU Play the seductress.”  I smiled and assured her I would.



Once Upon a Drunk


A quiet night of drinking, and then, drunk from the disquietous taste of too much wine, slowly I slip into the realms of alcohol’s slumber. Trance-like, I felt my body being lifted and placed upon my bed. Ah, quiet sleep, come to me and let me feel you wrap yourself around me.

Without warning , a strange development has arisen? Someone or something is disrobing me. I feel the warmth of breath around my neck, as my bra is CUT from my body. Slowly and cautiously like a nuclear scientist handling radiation, my clothes are stripped from me helplessly, what is happening?

I have only a thong now covering my God given gifts. Hot breath breathes down my wasted flesh, while the entity kisses each and every crevice. Cupping my ample breast, he gently pulls them up and brings his lips to my willing nipples. Ever so lightly, while exerting a small squeeze, he bites them, sending me into a river of wetness.

There IS no turning back now, I am his/hers/ or whatever is making love to my drunken flesh. All I can do now is quiver with delight, each time I feel the stroke of a hand slide down my willing body.

Without regard to my thong, I feel a sharp instrument slice through it like butter being spread on toast. That MOUTH, Oh my God, that mouth, I am his completely as a tongue is inserted into me.

Slowly sliding down my river of sin, from the bottom to the top, I once again quiver and sing out in my drunken state. A finger, then two, then three starts to play with Natures birth canal all the while he licks me.

I can withstand his advances no more; I arch my back and sing Hallelujah as I succumb to his magical fingers. Once satisfied, I immediately fall back into a drunken stupor.

The next day, I awake, alone, and still wet from my experience. Did I DREAM this, or did I masturbate myself? I guess I shall NEVER know, but, really who cares, I am satisfied, and I start my day off once again with a nice Merlot. Maybe I’ll experience what I had last night again soon.

I HOPE so…

Until Later…