Friday the 13th. Oooooooowwwwww


So today is the proverbial Friday the 13th. The day we all run and hide, cover ourselves up under the blankets, and chant magical mantras in hopes that we won’t be stricken with unbearable misfortune.

While I am red faced admitting this, I USED to believe in all that mumbo jumbo of Friday the 13th… Curses, broken mirrors, and of course, having black cats walk in front of me were ALWAYS first and foremost on my mind.

Of course, that’s when I was young, 2 years ago…Now, of course, I realize that it’s all nonsense, EXCEPT for the black cat thing, yeah, I STILL watch out for those, OK…WHAT??? Hey, ya never know, right????

OK, I KNOW what you’re thinking, “You’re foolish Sooz”, black cats are NOT gonna cross in front of you and give you bad luck. While I know in my RATIONAL mind that is true, my CREATIVE mind just keeps picturing all these bad scenarios happening.

One of the scenes I imagine, are like what happens in my dreams. I picture myself EXTREEMLY HORNY, I’m running down a long hallway nude, and looking for lovers crying out for my tender flesh. Now here’s the rub, all the doors in the hallway are locked where my wanting and waiting suitors are kept.

Feverishly, I pull and scream with all my strength as I wear down my fingers trying to unlock what lies behind those doors of satisfaction. Excuse me for a moment…………

Phew, NOW I feel better. Sorry for the delay, now where was I, oh yeah, the doors. Unfortunately, I can’t go on here without getting horny again, so I’m just gonna drop it.

My point is, Friday the 13th. is JUST like any other day, you don’t have to worry about a thing, unless of course there are any black cats skulking around. Have a good one everyone…

Until Later…