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Hello my friends, sorry I haven’t been around in a few days; I am still grieving over the loss of Bella. I can’t seem to manage to do anything these days except tip a glass. Oh well, life goes on, right?

I must say, everyone I know has been very supportive which has helped me tremendously, thank you. You never know who your true friends are unless something like this has happened.

 Today I went out and bought a few simple gifts as a thank you. It actually felt good to get out into the open air and just breathe again. I have been cooped up in my home boozing for so long; I had forgotten what the real world looks like.

For the folks who read me, I want to apologize for not being a very good writer lately. As it turns out, I too am Human and have feelings like everybody else. Feeling better now, I believe I will start creative writing again shortly.

Admittedly, I miss both my readers and the daily writing. Thank all of you for being patient. I will leave you with a quick Just Ask Sooz post.

Dear Sooz:

I need your advice. Last night, my husband of 15 years came home drunk and told me he has been having affair with my best friend. I was flabbergasted, hurt, angry, and a whole bunch of other emotions rattling around in my head.

I left for a hotel because he was too drunk to talk about it last night. Today, I went back home and found him hung over, and crying. I asked him two questions right off:

  1. Did he love her?
  2. Why?

He said that he didn’t love her, it was just sex. He maintained that he still loved me and that he had been making a mistake. Why??? He claims that he has a voracious sexual appetite and that I had not been fulfilling it lately.

He was sorry and he wanted to keep things status quo. Sooz, I don’t know if I can do that. What would be your suggestion?

Confused and Hurt


Dear Confused and Hurt:

First of all, do you still love him, and are you willing to forgive this indiscretion? If so, I would recommend marriage counseling for you both. Secondly, what about his sexual appetite? Are you able to satisfy him more often or not?

It seems to me that he had NO regard for you while he was playing footsie with your best friend. I am doubtful here, but, if you are willing to try and forgive, I would go ahead with counselling and see where it goes. If not, pack up and walk away.

Good luck!!!








Man With Gun Tattoo on Forehead Charged With Possessing Firearm

According to WYFF-TV, Michael Vines, 24, was arrested after he slammed his car into a power pole Saturday night.

The charges included, driving under a suspended license, driving too fast for conditions, and yup, you guessed it, possession of a firearm.

The firefighters , who were first on the scene, claimed that Michael threw out a handgun into the grass. Because he was previously arrested, the tattoo constituted of possession of a  deadly weapon.

After an exhaustive search, police found a .38 caliber handgun burrowed in long grass. The REAL gun was logged into evidence, and Michael is awaiting trial.

Some people just don’t have ANY luck…

Until Later…


Food For Thought

I have reviewed some of my blogs today and I must tell you, I am appalled at what I have written lately. There was absolutely NOTHING of value there at all. WOW!!!

I’m going to have to write something of substance before I am thought to be just a stupid Redhead who drinks too much and only writes about sex and other lascivious matters.

I must remind you all that I DO have a brain, SOMEWHERE??? No, it is NOT up my ass!!! OK, here we go with something tasteful and interesting.

I saw a news story in Time today about a Rochester girl, Brittanee Drexel, who has been missing since 2009 while on Spring break. The 17 year old girl disappeared while enjoying her time off from school in Myrtle Beach and was never heard from again.

The FBI now believes a prison inmate who was present when the teenage girl was killed, said she was raped, shot, and then left in a pit with alligators to eat her remains. To date, her body or any other clues have still not been discovered.

Now I ask you, what kind of person DOES this to another Human being? This is just beyond the scope of ANY Human decency. I sincerely hope that the FBI, DOES confirm this inmate’s story, and can find the perpetrator who has committed this heinous crime.

While I don’t condone the death penalty, in THIS case, I would be at the prison cheering for the most painful way to kill the heartless Human being who committed this crime. In this case, “An Eye For an Eye” I say…

What Type of Gangster Would YOU Like to Be

Just in case they’re any Cops, Feds, Ninja Warriors, or OTHER law enforcement agencies reading this, Let me be clear…I said would you “LIKE” to be. I certainly don’t need my name on the “No Fly List”.

So, If I could be a gangster, I would like to be a Mexican drug lord. It seems to me that they get all the bucks without hardly ever getting caught. They just live in their 100 million dollar mansions, swim in their pools, and occasionally make plans for drug buys in “Other” countries.

Oh sure, there are close calls occasionally, but, they have enough manpower to pretty much handle any “problems”. Unfortunately, most of all THOSE gangster positions are already filled, so, I guess my next pick would be a computer theft hacker.

I always kind of admired the guys who stole MILLIONS from several different banks with just a computer program. What they did was Trick the bank employee’s install Malware via E–mails, “they would inflate an account balance, then immediately withdraw the inflated amount before returning the account to its original balance. Such a method made it harder for the account holder and bank to spot that an illegal transaction had taken place.”

How about YOU? What kind of a criminal would YOU be if given the chance?

PLEASE NOTE: This is JUST A POST and NOT an intentional admission of ANYTHING!!!!! Geeeeeeez!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Until Later…


Reference:  http://www.digitaltrends.com/computing/hackers-steal-up-to-1-billion-in-huge-online-bank-heist.








Reference:  http://www.digitaltrends.com/computing/hackers-steal-up-to-1-billion-in-huge-online-bank-heist.