Should the US Legalize Marijuana?

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Certainly everyone has their own opinions about this topic but, as a former user,(Not that I never inhaled), let me say this, I believe it should be legalized.

Let’s look at the up side:

  • The Government can tax the product thus adding more income for infrastructure and adding more jobs to the payroll.
  • Legal enforcement costs are greatly reduced
  • New jobs added in the form of legalized growth of the product
  • Happy and contented users

 Now I also realize that some of you may be against it based on the assumption that it may lead to other stronger drug use. Again, in my opinion, these numbers that the Government spewed are GREATLY exaggerated. Let’s look at prohibition, it ASLO was supposed to lead to stronger and more harmful drugs…BZZZZZZZZZ!!!

Finally, after years of illegal bootlegging and at a cost of many lives, prohibition was repealed. Why can’t we just get it RIGHT the first time? Now, if it IS legalized, does that mean that we will all become users, of course not? All it really does is decriminalize the use for those who are already using the product illegally.

I say if we can drink, (Which is a lot more harmful than the use of pot), let’s give the weed a chance. People have a right to determine what they want, don’t deprive them of their say. Hey, we still live in a free country don’t we, let’s let the masses decide? That’s all I’m saying.

Until Later…