Natures Wonder


Whispering Pines blow, as the chimes hung above them glisten.

Plush green grass sways back and forth, as if dancing to the song of Nature’s glory.

The sun warms the meadows,

And the stream below flows as if tears trickle.


Morn has awakened, and has answered God’s call.

Blessed are we who enjoy it precious gifts.

For WE are the reason for its majesty.

Sit back, Smell the flowers, and enjoy.


Memorial Day Tribute

While I was never in the armed forces, like all Americans, I have ALWAYS been proud of the job they do to keep our country free. They work long hours, sometimes in extreme temperatures both hot and cold, to make sure that our God given freedoms are protected.

I personally know several men and women, as I’m sure you do also, who have left their loved ones to go and fight in either Afghanistan, or Iraq. Can you imagine how hard that must be?

 For many Americans, it only becomes a small part of our lives when we see the bloodshed, and the ravages of war when posted on TV. Many others celebrate without a thought while enjoying  picnics, family gatherings, or just in house Bar-B-Q’s.

People, let us NOT forget what this day celebrates. We SHOULD be honoring the memories of these brave souls who have given THEIR lives, to protect ours. Let me say that I am not only PROUD to be an American, I am also GRATEFUL for the service those brave men and women have given us.

May your soul and the souls of your families be at peace, and may God’s mercy and light shine upon you now, and for all eternity. I salute you.