Sooz’s Diary–Adult Material–

It was a HOT one here in Phoenix, the desert sun beating down without mercy, and I was dressed accordingly. My pink thong accentuated my tight shorts, while my blouse, also pink and white with three buttons undone, screamed, “Take me, I’m yours.” I felt sexy, well, let’s be frank, I was horny. It had been two days since I’d last HAD sex, with a partner that is, and my crotch was searching like a GPS, tracking for new meat.

I was like a panther on the prowl, dressed to the nines and ready for the kill. Man, woman, it didn’t matter, all I needed was to GET LAID, and get laid NOW. My destination, my Jungle, the nearest Supermarket, there is more chance for a hookup here than they are in ten bars.

 Luckily, there was a fine young maiden shopping with NO idea of what she was doing. Obviously, she NEEDED my expertise. I didn’t notice a ring on her finger, although at THIS stage of my craving, it wouldn’t have mattered. I introduced myself as a fruit connoisseur, and I asked her if he would like some advice?

“Hi, I said, hot outside isn’t it?” She smiled and replied, “It sure is.” She must have been in her early thirties dressed in khaki shorts with a tube top shirt. She was VERY well put together. I would have guessed a 38B top, with a 34 inch waist and ass, just my type.

Once I explained the INS outs of successful fruit squeezing, we hit it off so I decided to ask her to my place for lunch. Normally, I would have waited before inviting her to lunch, but I got a feeling that she had taken more than just a casual interest in me. I invited, and she readily accepted, things were working as I had hoped they would.

My doorbell rang two hours later, there she was, a vision of loveliness. She had changed before coming over, and now wore a tight fitting and sheer dress; sheer enough to see that she was wearing a blue thong with a matching lace bra. God, she made me HOT.

I invited her in and asked if she would like a drink, “Yes,” she said as I poured a nice Cabernet Sauvignon. We talked for a while, got to know each other a little better, and then I served lunch. I had Beef Stroganoff, asparagus with cream sauce, and Cherries Jubilee for dessert.

After lunch, I gave her the tour of the house, kitchen, all the other rooms, then finally, I led her to my bedroom. I must admit, she was half drunk from all the wine that I had poured her but it didn’t matter to me.

I sat her on my bed, and she leaned in, and gave me the most sensual kiss I had ever felt. It was like butterfly kisses only on my lips. She pulled her dress down, exposing nothing but her bra and panties for me to remove at my pleasure. God, she was beautiful.

Kissing her was like a dream come true, the taste of wine on her lips, while smelling her perfume, Jasmine, I think, drove my senses CRAZY. Without even thinking, my hands reached behind her back and quickly unhooked the strap that was keeping me from her mounds of pleasure. I ever so gently touched them, feeling each and every curve, sending a message to my pussy that it was time to release the river of pleasure.

Without ever being aware, she had disrobed me, and was kissing my heaving tits as I writhed in heavens ecstasy. Slowly I kissed her soft body all the way down her stomach, until I rested on her shaved mound. Seeing her wide slit, my tongue couldn’t resist her wonderful smell of sex. I licked her up and down gently across her clit as be began crying out, Sooz, “FUCK ME…FUCK ME…OH GOD ,FUCK ME!!!!”

Around and around her sweet membrane I licked, she could stand it no more as I sent my tongue into her molten center of love, she screamed…”OHHHHH GOD”, and squirted her hot CUM in my mouth.

She immediately split me like a coconut, she kissed my soaked twat with her hot drunken lips; and inserted her tongue into my pleasure spot till I cried out in ecstasy. She was fucking amazing. We both lay there, spent but happy.

Turning to her I asked in a shallow breath, “Did you enjoy your lunch?” She gave me a coy smile and replied, “I sure did”. Laughing, she asked, “When should we have “lunch” again?” “Anytime I said, anytime.”


Talk Shows: Airing Our Dirty Laundry

Why is it that we are so enamored with talk shows that deal with airing our dirty laundry? Nooooooo!!!!! I’m NOT talking about your dirty socks or undies, I’m talkin’ about who is having whose baby and IF that baby is really theirs…

Talk show hosts like Jerry Springer, Montel Williams, Maury Povich, and many more, all want to spring on America, if Veronica is having Bill’s, Harry’s, or another guy she smiled at once down at the drug store’s baby. THEN, when the guy finds out WHOSE baby it REALLY is, the fighting begins. Seriously, why is THIS so damn entertaining?  

I don’t know, but I WILL tell you this, it MUST be, (Blush), because I admit I actually DVR these shows so I can watch them when I get home from a hard days work.

This of course begs the question. “WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH SOOZ??????” They’re about Ten Gazillion shows that I COUD be watching that would actually enrich my mind, yet, here I sit, mesmerized, waiting to see what the infamous test results will yield.

According to Sooz’s Psychology of Today magazine, research shows that 93% of people who watch this mindless form of entertainment have NO life…Now, that is not to say that “IF” any of you also watch these shows you have NO life, it just means that the damn percentages are either flawed, OR, that there really IS no Sooz’s Psychology of Today magazine…YOU choose…

I would gladly speak more extensively on this subject, but Jerry Springer is about to begin. So, for now…

Until Later…