Should the Ruling of Double Jeopardy be Abolished


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In today’s court system, there are several things that could be fixed. Of course that leads you to believe that at least some things are broken, in MY opinion, they are just that.

One of the things I am going to talk about today is the ruling called double jeopardy. In today’s court system, once a person is pronounced innocent by a jury of his peers, he can NEVER be retried for the same crime. I believe THIS is wrong.

Never, did I believe this was just. What for example, if DNA evidence is found later that PROVES the defendant DID commit the crime? Should we turn the other cheek and say, “Oh well, he lucked out on THAT one?”

No, in MY opinion,  he should be retried, and if found guilty, there should be pay BACK for the crime he /she committed. There are too many HOLES in our jury system that allow too many GUILTY people to go  free.

The saying,”Justice for All” was right. Justice can never be served correctly IF someone once found innocent, and is later PROVEN guilty, walks free. Case in point:

O.J Simpson

Bill Clinton’s Perjury verdict

Rodney King’s beating

Aaron Burr’s Murder trial of Alexander Hamilton


 I believe these and others shed a BLACK EYE on our legal system, and that the Double Jeopardy ruling should be looked into and abolished.

What are YOUR thoughts on this?

Until Later…