Pit Bulls VS the World

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Pit Bulls are frowned upon by many as a vicious, and or, an aggressive breed of dog. The question is, is that true, or is it just what people conceive to be true, based on headlines where there has been a Pit Bull involved in a biting accident?

While statistics show that nationwide, 66% of dog bites reported show that the Pit Bull is the main culprit, the tendency is to only report the instances in which Pit Bulls are involved.  

My question is this, if ANY dog is raised as a puppy in a loving home environment, can any aggressive tendencies be overcome by the nurturing vs nature debate?

 County Bluffs Iowa for example has the following Pit Bull ordinance:

  • Primary Citation:  COUNCIL BLUFFS, IA., MUNICIPAL CODE § 4.20.112
  • Jurisdiction Level:  Iowa
  • Last Checked:  June, 2018


“In Council Bluffs, Iowa, it is unlawful to own, possess, keep, exercise control over, maintain, harbor, transport, or sell any pit bull. There are exceptions for dogs already licensed if the owner meets certain requirements, such as being at least 18 years old, maintaining liability insurance of at least $100,000, the dog is sterilized and microchipped, the dog is confined and there is a “PIT BULL DOG” sign. Failure by the owner to comply shall subject the pit bull to immediate impoundment and disposal.”

What are your thoughts on this subject? Is it indeed DNA, OR, can proper breeding and love give a downtrodden breed a much better outlook? Let me know what you think.

Until Later…