Quiet is the Night

Quiet is the night howling like a deafening silence before a storms raging fury.

Shielded by the souls of thoughts gone by, you command Natures awe. 

Powerful is thy cloak that shadows darkened minds.

Speak to me, not in thy solitude but with thy gentle persuasion.

Comfort my saddened heart upon thy shadow and restore my broken faith.

Silent Lover’s Despair

To wish, to have, to hold, to be held.

Dreams of consequence, or visions of despair?

Play me not my fickle heart, for yearning’s tears become my pain.

I search within my soul, feed me love’s embrace, let him hold me close, and nurture me within his arms.

Let me feel his breath upon my bosom, and let his light forever shine upon me.

Poetry by Sooz

Oh withered tree, I cry out from beneath your pillars of wood, a lonely song.

I was a man,  a husband, father and a patriot.

Dutifully resigned by sworn oath,

To serve,  protect and defend my country.


Going to war, many times I realized not only its savage fury,

But the pointlessness of killing my fellow man,

For the sake of an ideology,

Or the consumption of power.


I rest now, hit by insanities bullet,

I lie beneath this oak,

My thoughts remain,

Yet, with hurt feelings of being forsaken by others.


Remember, I am the reason today’s freedom rings on.

Celebrate MY sacrifice,

Through the remembrance of of my fellow brethren,

And perhaps a prayer, to renew MY faith, and for an end to ALL conflict.












The Winds of Change


The winds of change are blowing as we drift along  a stormy sea.
Many have heard them, but few have listened. 
Quiet contentment lays dormant at our feet, yet, uneasy waters stir.
Blind ambition fills our lives and wreaks havoc with our very souls.

Woe is he who has tasted the supper of life’s temptations,
for he is but a shadow of a lasting soul.
Blessed is he who has the gift of patience,
For he is the bearer of eternal peace.

Heed the winds of change, embrace their fury,
And forever be subject to their domain.
Time’s law can not be broken,
Yet those who bear witness, survive.


Poetry by Sue-Distant Sounds

Distant sounds travel through the vastness of my mind.

What ARE those sounds?

Are they the shadows of ghosts gone by,

Or forgotten memories, crying to be awakened?


Why must I be tormented so?

Be-Gone my past inequities,

Erase the troubled noise from a distant path,

And haunt my troubled mind, no more.


Seek shall I, only the righteous roads ahead,

Placing an end to my past misgivings,

Play for me now, only the symphony of delight,

And forever bear my soul to thine ears

What is Love


What is Love

Love is the eternal flame between two committed beings.

Love is a feeling of giving up YOUR identity for the sake of another.

Love is kind, Love is patient.

Love knows no boundaries, nor does it permit any prejudice.


Love unites us, and strengthens us,

And lets it’s fire grow within our souls.

Be thou committed for Love’s sake,

And let the world go by without care.




Where in the World


Where in the world is Abraham Lincoln,

When America is in a slump?

Republicans say…Hooray Hooray,

Let’s vote for Donald Trump.


Where in the world is JFK,

When you need him most, to protect us from the fall?

We need a President strong and sane,

To lead, and KEEP us on the ball.


Where in the world is ML King,

When freedom needs his call?

To complete his dream, and lead the march,

So our world won’t crumble and fall?


The people will rally, and do the right thing,

BEFORE it becomes too late,

May God have mercy upon our souls,

And KEEP our Nation GREAT!!!



Echoes of Silence


Moonlight, mingles with the stars,

As the shadows of night emerge.

Stillness fills the air,

And all that was, is now silent.


Echoes of silence fills the air,

While dreamers dream, and quiet sentinels guard the hallowed night.

Time slips into infinite space,

And the world keeps turning upon a shadowed plane.





When Life provides stresses,

You are there to soothe my mind.

When I fall,

You lift me up, and strengthen my resolve.


When I am in despair,

You caress my mind, and ease my soul.

When I am happy,

You share in my joy.


When I am sad,

You hold me in your arms, and comfort me.

When I fall from grace,

You listen, and judge me not.


You are many things to me,

But MOST importantly, you are my friend.

Thank You!!!




The Tree of Life–Picture Challenge


I conjure thee oh tree of life.

Rise from thy slumber, and renew from thy bowels, the eternal spirit of love.

Favor Mankind with thy grace, and restore to purpose, the wisdow once acquired.

I summon your branches touch EACH being with your compassion,

and may you enrich these beings with divine purpose.