If You Were a Grape That Becomes a Raisin: Describe how it feels to shrink, to Shrivel, and Become Dry and Wrinkled.

I offer this up because I felt it displayed for those of you who like to be creative, an outlet to express yourself. Below is MY take on the above subject. Please feel free to join me, and then send me a link to your rendition so I can read it.

There I was, just sitting on the counter in the sunshine, layin’ out, and enjoying the day. Living the grape life is a good one. Hanging on the vines until you are plump and ready, then, picked and packaged, and sold in a grocery store where someone can choose to purchase, and ultimately eat you.

Hmmmmm…The problem is, I have been here so long I am starting to get dry. “I am soooooo thirsty”. “ I feel as if I am shrinking a bit, and even starting to get shriveled up. “My oh my…Please, get me some water…” “Someone please HELP me.”

“What’s going on here, I’m starting to turn colors.” I KNEW it; they are deliberately turning me into a raisin.” More and more shriveled I get, getting smaller and smaller.

“I’m a GRAPE dammit; I didn’t ASK to become a raisin. Why are you DOING this to me?” “Now what’s happening, they’re pulling me off and pouring me a box.” Owwwww, now I’m being sprinkled with honey and sugar, I wonder if I am in a package of cereal, I LIKE cereal.”

“I AM….I AM…I am in Raisin Bran. YEA!!!!!!!” OK then, all my trials and tribulations were for nothing, once again, I am a happy camper…