I Must Speak Out


I can stand it no more, Donald Trump must GO!!! Usually I don’t get involved in political rhetoric because, well, that’s what is is, “Dribbling at the mouth”.  However, when you say such things as, Things could have gone quite differently if the people at the club were armed, that in my opinion is just showing your stupidity.

Look, I believe in the Constitution, but is “The Donald” really saying that we should go back 100 years to the gun toting days of the old west? Come ON Trump.

Certainly everybody is entitled to his/her opinions, but, when it comes to turning our backs on civilization and strappin’ on our guns, where does it end? Should there have been armed guards at the door, or metal detectors, maybe, but to just strap on a gun is just plain ludicrous.

Terrorism CAN NOT be tolerated. We must make an example of ISIS and show them the Tiger’s teeth of a STRONG nation. NO MORE messing around, EVERY life is precious, senseless loss is just unforgivable. We must be strong in our resolve, vigilant in our everyday lives, and stop terrorism BEFORE it occurs.

Perhaps we need to learn different tactics in order to thwart these deadly attacks. I am NOT a candidate, otherwise I would give you MY views on how to stop these heinous acts, but I’ll leave THAT to our new Presidential candidates, God help them.

Just let me say that my prayers and thoughts go out to all the victims and their families. May these poor souls rest in peace, and May God’s light shine upon them…

God Bless America…

Is it Easier to Kill an Idea, or a Mockingbird

500 Questions Season 3 Confirmed? Show’s High Ratings, Format Packages Appeal

Hmmmmmmm…I’ve given this some careful thought about this and I’ve decided, “Really, Who Cares?” What I’ve really come here today to you talk about is…Gum Disease, No I didn’t, I came to talk about 500 Questions from TV.

For those of you who don’t know, this was a TV quiz show asking only “geniuses” a multitude of questions. The show’s premise is to see if ANYONE can answer 500 questions.

It turns out that since the show was on, (One week), NOBODY did it. My question is, why just one week, I mean it pulled me in to see how many questions I could answer. By the way, I was answering around 80% of the supposed Einstein questions on the show. Why not at least have the show on for at LEAST a season?

I personally believe the longer the show runs, then the Network can make even more money in sponsorship. Sometimes I just don’t understand the Moguls at the Network… I guess that’s why I’ve never had any interest in investing in them…

Wake up Networks…This genius wants to see more…

Until Later…

Much Ado About Nothing



Over the past few days, outrage from conservative animal groups have been all up in arms over the shooting of Harambe, the gorilla who was shot and killed after a three year old boy slipped and fell into the gorilla cage.

Am I sorry the gorilla had to be shot and killed, of course I am, I donate thousands to the SPCA every year, the thing I DON’T understand, is why so many people are yelling and screaming that the Cincinnati Zoo killed the gorilla.

Look people….HELLLLLLLLLLOOOOOO, we are talking about Human life here. Should the cages been more well protected, sure, but in MY opinion, we can’t fault the zoo for saving a Human life.

What most folks don’t understand, is that a tranquilizer gun, what many people were calling for, only WORKS if it pierces the skin, and then, at best, it takes TIME for the drugs to take effect. There was NO time, only quick thinking and decisive action were required.

Was the gorilla just treating the child like one of his own, maybe, but there was NO way in Hell to be able to make that call in a split second decision. I applaud the response, and hopefully these situations will be more well protected going forward.


Hilary a “Fashion” Statement…Ahhh NO

OMG!!! People, it is time to rise up and vote DOWN bad fashion. Look Hillary, the 60’s called, they want their pants suits back. If I see her in one more pants suit, I’m gonna gag!!!!!!

This woman just doesn’t get fashion. I’m sorry Hillary, it’s true. I am afraid that I can just NOT vote for ANYONE who is still stuck in the era of free love. I mean if you’re gonna wear something like that, at LEAST have your Bong loaded and your VW Bus with all kinds of psychedelic swirls on it parked in the lot.

I could ALMOST vote for you if you TALKED like a NORMAL 60’s person spoke. Using lots of “LIKES” and “COOL” and GNARLY MAN in sentences. I’m sorry, the outdated pant suits drive me crazy. Even when I’ve taken 10 or 11 hits on my Bong. YIKES!!!

Here’s a thought, give me a call, and I would be glad to run your campaign.  No, I wouldn’t tell you what to say or do, you already HAVE a fucked up handle on THAT already, I would just bring you back into the REAL world with dresses, blouses that match, and at YOUR age, pantyhose for God’s sake.

Ahhhh, there, I feel better now…Hillary, if you’re reading me, give me a jingle, let’s talk…

Until Later…


Clarification of My Letter to the Soldier of Fortune Magazine


For those of you out there who may be Feds reading my latest article, PLEASE note, IT WAS HUMOR!!! Come On!!!! In no way was I trying to threaten anyone, kill anyone, or have anybody abducted.

God, you guys are SOOOOO touchy!!! Gone are the days that we can write a satirical or humorous piece about any type of Government agency without the threat of causing great harm to our person and reputations.

For the record, IT WAS A HUMOR PIECE… Please, don’t send me threatening emails, letters; or worse yet, have that black van parked across the street monitoring my every move. I Am NOT a terrorist.

 Hell, with the amount of money I pay in taxes/year, I SUPPORT most of you poorly paid Feds. Give me a break, will ya? By the way, Bulldozer, Snake, and Scooter were just MADE up names, NOT real people. I am a writer, and as such, I expect a little creative space to write what I want without being harassed.

After all, this IS still America isn’t it, you know freedom of speech and all. Anyway, if I have offended anyone, then I am sorry. It really IS a shame that our world is in such a state that the NSA has to listen in on everything we are saying, or has the ability to disrupt the lives of average Americans.

For those of you who KNEW this article was just for FUN, THANK YOU, for everyone else, well, I am afraid you need to develop a sense of humor.



Fixing Printers for Dummies



Hi everybody just wanted to say thank you for all the responses you sent me since I’ve been off recuperating. I’m finally healed (For the most part), and back at work today.

Tons and tons of paperwork to sift through…Grrrrrrrr. Reports-here, there and everywhere, fun wow, guess I got used to lounging on the couch coughing and being served.

Anyway, in my office is my own private copy machine. It’s a nice one; it prints, copies, scans, and even sings on bright sunny days. Here’s the thing, I went to make oh, I don’t know, a thousand copies or so, and guess what, I pressed the button that said make me work and IT REFUSED!!!

Now, this is something I really didn’t expect because the last time I used it, it spun like a top. Well, you know what I mean, it made great copies. Today, NOTHING!!

Understand, I’m already behind and catching back up, and then THIS happens. So, what do you think I did? Did I immediately call a repairman, Nooooooooooooo… I figured there were things could do to this lazy ass printer before I called someone who would cost my business more than the cost of the machine to fix.

I carefully opened up the printer to see if it had paper—Yup. Then, I checked the cartridge to make sure it didn’t need ink..Yup, ink OK…Then I checked the part that says check for a paper jam…no paper jam.

Usually, at THIS point, you would think that I would have just swallowed my pride, and justed call the F*&%*NG repairman, Noooooooo!!!!! I LOOKED at the gears and checked all the cogs to see if they were where they were supposed to be, looked good. Then I inspected the chains, and again, they seemed to be in place.

Finally, I did what ALL of us would be mechanics would do, I cursed up a BLUE STREAK, and then called the maintenance guy. While waiting, I went down to the cafeteria and got an ice cream sundae…THOSE I DO know what to do with.

Until Later…

The Doomsday Clock


I was watching a story the other night where they mentioned the  theoretical “Doomsday Clock”, and it brought me to thinking. Wow, scary, right? Well, it SHOULD be. According to Top scientists, we now stand at 3 minutes till Midnight. At Midnight, of course, is when we as a race supposedly become totally annihilated.

 Remember when the Berlin Wall was torn down, THEN,  it was actually set back from 5 minutes to 17 minutes to Doomsday. Yikes!!! What the HELL happened to us? It seems as though our world leaders are Hell bent to keep us on a world annihilation course.

Remember now, this is not ME speaking, but “the decision about the time reflected on the Doomsday Clock is made by The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists Science, Security Board, and the Board of Sponsors, which includes 16 Nobel Laureates.”

THAT, my friends, is a pretty damn good group of intellectual people. So WHY are we as a world so oblivious to our own demise? I never COULD understand this.

Is land and power over others SO important that those who seek these things overlook the danger they are putting EVERYONE into? Where has the leadership, the intelligence, and the reasoning power of these folks gone?

I am truly appalled at what has been going on in the world without ANY concern for others. What have we as a race become? Are we no better than the animals that roam the Earth? Even THEY (Animals) won’t KILL their own kind, WTF!!!!

The sad thing about all this is that MOST people aren’t even AWARE there IS such thing as a “Doomsday Clock”. We wallow away in ignorance as if we will live forever.

And all of this for a piece of land, or a bit more power. Is it really worth it people, THINK about it!!!

Until Later…



Trump University


Photo of Trump showing how YELLING can get across your message.


As Universities everywhere pride themselves on their great educational process, so does Trump University, a new comer for the politically minded. This institution was formed from the blood, sweat, and womanizing platforms that stands firm on the Trump name.

Not only will you learn the finer skill sets of being a ruthless ass in business; you will also learn how to speak out of both sides of your mouth, speak LOUD, because God knows by speaking in a high decibel voice you will ALWAYS command respect, and have the ability to shut out the smarter and more timid party away, but you will also learn how to repeat yourself with the same rhetoric over and over in hopes that is sounds better the third time.

These are great lessons that need to be learned by all politicians. Trump U. also provides for learning how to just say ANYTHING you want WITHOUT actually having a REAL PLAN to back the words up. All good politicians NEED to learn this skill.

As an example:–

Mr. Trump—-The tax plan we have now sucks. I promise if elected, I will completely revamp the plan so the poor get richer AND so do the existing RICH.

Moderator—-How do you plan on doing that, sir, what exactly IS your plan?

Mr. Trump—-Oh, a, well, I’m working on that RIGHT now my friend, don’t you worry about a thing.

Also learned, is how to buy 1000.00 dollar suits, and make sure your HAIR is combed JUST right. These things will help SWAY the American people because, well, who would disagree with a man who is so impeccably dressed and well-coiffed?

Last, you are taught how to be a womanizer. Not just ANY womanizer, but a GOOD one. Pick out a woman you like, have sex with her and THEN, just divorce the wife your with and add on the new one.

So, all those who want to be this kind of Politician, put in your entry forms or Trump U. now. You MAY not win the battle, BUT, you will have put on QUITE the side show trying.



Trump’s Fairy Tale




Once upon a time, there was a man born, named Donald Trump. He was a nice boy with TERRIBLE hair. His father, a rich real estate mogul, brought his son up with a silver spoon in his mouth, little Donald wanted for nothing.

As He grew, Donald became very outspoken, pretty much saying ANYTHING he wanted without being rebuked by anyone. He knew that no one would correct him because his rich daddy would protect him.

Once Donald was old enough, his father, took little Donald under his wing and taught him how to yell at people, tell lies to get ahead, and spend millions of his father’s money to build giant buildings.

Once old enough, Donald’s father cut him loose, gave him millions of dollars to get started in life, and sent him on is own. Luckily, Donald had learned all the tricks he needed, to cheat, steal, and yell his way to success.

After spending millions of dollars  and going bankrupt four times, Trump was bored. He decided he needed something else to become successful at. He thought and he thought until he decided that perhaps he could use his unique business skills to become President and run the free world.

Well folks, here we are, the Donald is here. I’m sure that many folks who enjoy hearing loud, obnoxious yelling, false claims, and ignorant sexual remarks are in The Donald’s corner, I however am not.

Certainly this is a free Country and folks have the right to make ANY choices they are, no matter HOW wrong they may be. Let me just say…God Bless America, and may all those who are voting take the time to thoroughly investigate the candidates BEFORE you cast our vote.



Just My Two Cents Worth


The Academy awards this year has NOT chosen any people of color for an Oscar nomination. As a result, some of the black community proposes to boycott the Oscars in retaliation.

Now, I am CERTAINLY NOT racist, but here is how I feel. First of all, there are some GREAT actors and actresses of color who grace our movie screens each year. Does this mean however that there are ALSO not some great white, yellow, red, and or other good actors who may also delight the audiences?

My answer is a firm NO. Does the Academy have blinders on when it comes to the people who play in these rules, I don’t know, but I don’t believe that the black community needs to be up in arms because of a lost nomination.

Perhaps the Oscar committee just felt that this year there were more significant people who were NOT of color to be nominated for an Oscar. There HAVE been people of color nominated before AND who have won in several different areas.

I just don’t get the whole race card thing, never did, never will. ALL people are equal damnit and we are ALL Human Beings…Get Over it… Live your lives, invent stuff, find the cure for the major diseases, feed the hungry and have compassion on the poor. If you DO THIS, I will give you an Oscar MYSELF… Just my two cents worth. I love you all…