Portrait of a Lover

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Drunk… As I write this, I am fully tipsy. Oh doth the pain trouble my aching heart. My soul is ripped, and I suffer the unending arrows of love, shot through my inebriated shell of a body.

Bella is gone; she has fled back to France without a word of comfort, only saying she could no longer live the life of opulence and splendor. WHAT??? My swollen eyes morn for her return, yet my mind reveals the truth.

I believed we were a match made in Heaven, a symbiotic relationship joined through love and admiration. One as a body, and one soul united through the truth of a perfect union.

I understand now that the truth reveals divergent paths. Are there no rules when it comes to love, should there BE so much hurt and disappointment for such a wondrous thing?

Woe, I say, for the aggrieved soul that is floating, as a bit of flotsam doth float in the sea, to recover a loss, is like waiting on the fallen rain to grow a single flower, slow as time passes, yet, fully and meaningful.

Once again, life starts anew, and leaves the weathered and confused soul to recover.





Word Games Will Travel

Ok, for all you word expert writers out there, I have a challenge for you. Take the following words and include them in a poem or story. Good luck…


epitome, extemporaneous, flamboyant, plethora, and vivacious.

After you have written your poem or story, please email me your link so I can read it…Thank you…

The Tree of Life–Picture Challenge


I conjure thee oh tree of life.

Rise from thy slumber, and renew from thy bowels, the eternal spirit of love.

Favor Mankind with thy grace, and restore to purpose, the wisdow once acquired.

I summon your branches touch EACH being with your compassion,

and may you enrich these beings with divine purpose.

Picture Challenge

This was my rendition to someone very special who just passed. He would always do these challenges, and THIS one, is a tribute to his life.

Oh heavenly Father, to thee I  pray.

Thank you for all he good that has become my life.

The trials and tribulations thou has sent, have become my weapons, strength and resolve.

To thee I seek, but one thing, your everlasting love.

Bring me home into your glory, and may your light forever shine upon me.



Scribbles Challenge–Silence–

Hey Scribblers! this week we’re going  to build our writing skills by trying to describe the intangible. that means we can’t use physical description.. but we can refer to one obliquely.. as metaphor or comparison. since it has no physical reality it can be an excellent time to use surrealism. the emotions or feelings it creates  can give your readers an excellent idea of what you’re after.

Soooo.. the intangible you need to describe is silence. it is oppressive? blessed? uneasy? eerie? lasting? momentary? describe it to us and help us see and feel it.

*****This is MY rendition of this Challenge****

Scribbles Challenge–Silence–

I am found in lonely contemplation.
I reside in the halls of Darknesses’ abode.
I am sometimes deafening to the point of madness.
I am thee who forgives the wretched soul.

Find me in thy Temple, Evening is called thy time.
The mind knows me as solace.
Peace is often achieved through me.
My name is but a metaphor for contentment in a troubled, engaged Society.

Seek me, Find me, and I shall grant you everlasting contentment.