Killers,Robbers, and Murderers, Oh My

Good Morning everyone, Sooz here with a little secret about myself.. If you guessed I’ve been drinking, congrats. THAT, however is a given. No, the secret is that yours truly is a SUPER fan of true crime stories. Books, Magazines, or anything I can get my hands on, are read, re-read, and processed in my head like I’m the detective. I think in my former life, I was the hard drinkin, let the world be damned kind of detective.

Yup, I am a REAL nerd when it comes to this genre. Today, I thought just for fun, amusement, I would list 10 of the most notorious serial Killer of all time. OK, here goes:

  1. Gilles Garnier-A Frenchman known as the werewolf killer, would stalk his victims, kill them, and then cannibalize them. He lived during the 1500’s and when caught, was KNOWN to have savagely sent 4 children to their demise. He was burnt at the stake, not for murder, but because he was a werewolf.
  2. William Burke and William Hare- These two were savages with only money as their motivator. They would kill their victims, and then sell them to the infamous Dr. Knox. who would then use them in his lectures. When caught, Hare turned state’s evidence on Burke giving him a lesser sentence. Burke, however, was found guilty, and was hanged by the neck until dead on 29 January, 1829.
  3. Harpe Brothers-Micajla and Wiley Harpe were around during the American Revolution. Robbers and killers, these two left a blood stained trail through the streets and forests of the USA. They were the FIRST known serial killers in America.
  4. La Quintrala-Being of German, Spanish, and Amerindian descent, gained her fame in Chile as killing over 40 people. She grew up in a rich and religious family, but soon developed her OWN religion of Greed, Sex, and murder.
  5. Peter Stumpp-He lived during the 1500’s and was also accused of being a werewolf. He savagely cannibalized 19 victims before being caught and executed. Yikes!!!
  6. Daryla Saltykova-A well known serial killer in Russia who was accountable for 138 killings, most of which were peasants. She was convicted and sent to life in prison.
  7. Gilles de Rais- He was known for the killing of between 80 and 200 young children. He was a Knight and leader of the French army during the 1400’s. His spree was so atrocious, not only was he sentenced to be hanged but ALSO burned.
  8. Peter Niers-“Throughout the 16th Century, Peter Niers was responsible for 544 killings in the Holy Roman Empire and was influenced by robbery, black magic and supernatural belief to commit vicious acts of cannibalism, rituals and slayings.” “He would raid most of the countryside with his associates to steal from families and individuals, killing them, and removing fetuses of pregnant women which he would use for magic rituals and cannibalism.” “ He was sent to his death on 16 September 1581 as a result of torture for 3 days.  First, his flesh stripped from his body, and overwhelmed with heated oil, then held above glowing coals. Finally, he was broken by the wheel, and quartered.” (Not a good way to go)!!!
  9. Elizabeth Bathory-Known by her nickname “The Blood Countess”, was suspected of killing up to 650 people. She was convicted for 80 that witnesses knew of, and while she never was executed, she was sent to prison where she was found dead in her cell by a guard in 1614.
  10. Thug Behram-He was known as an assassin and thug in the late 1700’s and early 1800’s of India. He holds the record for most killings with 931 victims. Getting behind his unsuspecting victims, he would take his weapon of choice…a Ceramony Cloth and then  strangle the life out of them.

Yes, I know what you are thinking…”But what about Ted Bundy, The 22 Calibur killer, Al Capone, Charles Manson, John Wayne Gasy and others?” Yes, yes, sure, but the ones I listed are the top 10 of ALL time. I hope you enjoyed this piece as much as I have writing about them.

Until Later…